May 2015 News Archive

Should BMW Make An Electric i1?

Hear From Eleven Tesla Model S Owners - Video

Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Germany Up 88% In April

In April BYD Sold Record High 3,500 Plug-In Electric Cars In China

Electric Vehicle Registrations Up 118% In Q1 2015 In European Union

PSC Motors Is Developing 1,700 HP Plug-In Hybrid Hypercar

Tesla Model S Owners Rally Up In Saint Joseph, Michigan (Photos & Videos)

Tesla Model S Controlled By Apple Watch - Video

Turns Out There Are Lots Of Tesla Chargers In China

Courb Goes Into Receivership After Missing Sales Target

Video Interview: Tomoko Blech - CHAdeMO Association

Ford Opens Its Electric Car Patents To Peers - For A Price

Activating Range Mode On Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive - Video

Western Solar Lays Out Details On Tesla Powerwall

Fully Charged: BMW i8 "Economical Sports Car" - Video

Here's A Look At The Electric Cars In Grand Theft Auto 5 - Video

Peugeot Citroën To Enter Formula E

Plug-In Electric Car Market Share In UK Oscillates Around 1%, Crosses 10,000 YTD in April

TRON Lightcycle Sells For $77,000 At Auction

Flat Tire Moment In A Nissan LEAF - Video

First U.S. BMW i3 Owner Still Loves His Electric Car

"World's First" Electric Car Ferry Goes Live

EVTV's Mark Weisheimer Explores Chevrolet Volt's Coolant Heater System - Video

Mitsubishi i-MiEV With Range Extender

All-Electric Passenger Car Sales In France Hit New High In April

Does Tesla's Powerwall Make Financial Sense?

Tesla Certified Pre-Owned Consolidator Makes It Easy To Find The Right CPO Model S For You

NASA's Greased Lightning GL-10 Electric Airplane Completes Transition Test - Video

Consumer Reports Discusses Tesla & Self-Driving Cars - Video

Apple To Settle Lawsuit With A123 Systems

Shai Agassi At CeBIT Global Conferences 2015 - Video

Pennsylvania Extends Plug-In Electric Car Rebate

Supercars Of The Future - Renovo Coupe, BMW i8 - Video

TransPower To Offer Class 8 Electric Trucks

Tesla Model S 70D Review, Test Drive & 0-60 MPH Test + Close Look At New Titanium Metallic Paint

Renault Electric Car Sales Up 70% Year-Over-Year In March

China Aims For 300,000 New Energy Service Vehicles On Its Roads By 2020

Tesla Model S Charging Video: Supercharger Versus CHAdeMO Versus HPWC

Aston Martin Confirms Production Version Of DBX Concept, Issues £200 Million To Fund Development

Zero Motorcycles Gets $1 Million CEC Grant

2016 Chevrolet Volt Pitched As The Car Of Tomorrow, Built Today

BMW i8 Review After 3 Months Behind The Wheel

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport PHEV Coming To U.S. After Bigger Outlander PHEV

Porsche 918 Spyder Versus McLaren P1 - Video

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Recalled

Why Consumer Reports Bought A Tesla Model S P85D

Norway Looks To Cut Some Electric Car Incentives In The Future

Meet Wolverine, Professor X, Iceman & Beast At Tesla's Factory - Video

A Chucklin' Musk (Video)

Renault Delivers 45 Electric Vehicles To Makers Of Hennessy Cognac

"Electric Terry" Hershner Rides 300 Miles On Zero Motorcycle On One Charge

Toyota Mirai To Be Sold At These 8 California Dealerships Starting This Fall

Saleen GTX Tesla Model S Displayed In Long Beach

In April, Chevrolet Leased 865 Spark EVs, Sold Just 55

High Voltage Electric Car Sales In March In Europe? EagleAID Says Yes, BUT...!

New Fisker Launches, Focuses On Support For Existing Karma Owners

The CBRe Electric Super-Dream-Bike Project: Status Update

Info On Who Hacked Tesla And Why

Tesla To Pay Average Of $25 Per Hour For Gigafactory Jobs

Jeff Disinger and the Electracutioner Shatter LSR at Ohio Mile (Exclusive)

California Energy Commission Awards Proterra $3 Million For Construction Of Manufacturing Facility

Details On FEV's Liquid-Cooled, High-Performance PHEV Battery

Yuelang X1 EV Is An Electric Range Rover Knockoff From China

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