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April 2019 News Archive

Faraday Future Secures Financing, Announces New FF 81 Electric Car

Volkswagen: Our Electric Car Batteries Last The Life Of The Car

This Automotive Reviewer Crashed Its Tesla Model 3: What's The Story?

2019 New York Auto Show Electric Car Wrap Up

RAC To Add Emergency Electric Car Charging Mobile Units

LG Chem Alleges Trade Secret Theft, Sues SK Innovation

Tesla Model 3 Owner Is Free From Clutches Of Portugal's Oil Crisis

Mercedes-Benz Lineup Expansion Won't End; More New Models Planned

UPDATE: NVIDIA Admits Tesla Is Raising The Bar

See Tesla's New Model S, X High Efficiency Drive Units

Hyundai Announces Industry-First EV Customization Tool

Kia Niro EV Now Officially On Sale In U.S.

Do Shell New Energies and Tesla Have Similar Visions?

Famed YouTuber Rich Rebuilds Opens Up Tesla Repair Shop: Video

Tesla Model 3 Leasing, Ride Sharing: How It Impacts The Bottom Line

Freightliner To Produce Electric Trucks In Portland In 2021

Watch Tesla Model 3 Race Nissan GT-R At Drag Strip: Video

Continental Introduces First Tire Optimized For Electric Buses

Watch Tesla Roadster Race Ferrari Formula 1 Car: Simulated Video

Electrify America Announces 9 New Hosts For Charging Stations

Can China's Electric Automakers Compete With Tesla?

Tesla Full Self-Driving: First "The Smear" Then The "Slow Walk"

Karma Revero GT Shines At Shanghai Auto Show: Photos/Videos

Watch Tesla Autopilot Successfully Make Left Hand Turn At Stoplight

Penske Truck Leasing Launches 4 Fast Charging Stations For Trucks

Tesla Gigafactory 3 Set To Smash Factory Construction Record

Tesla Superchargers V2 Will Actually Offer 150 kW Power Output

San Francisco Airport Purchases 6 Proterra Electric Buses

Musk: 1,000-2,000 Model 3 Produced Per Week At Gigafactory 3 In 2019

Check Out This Tesla Model 3 Current Options Guide

EVgo: 14 ESS Installed Or Under Construction At Charging Stations

Tesla Ranks Tops In Autonomous Driving Survey

Audi Q2 L e-tron Debuts At The Shanghai Auto Show

Volkswagen I.D. To Initially Be Sold At A Loss Of $3,340?

Yavor Efremov Appointed Motorsport Network CEO

The Ultimate Electric Car Charger Guide

Tesla Q1 2019 Earnings: What's The Story Behind The Numbers?

Tesla Model S Is Quickest Selling Used Luxury Car

Tesla Q1 2019 Conference Call: Hold For Updates

Tesla Releases Q1 2019 Financial Report

NVIDIA: Tesla Raises The Bar For Self-Driving Carmakers

Rivian Gets $500 Million Investment From Ford

Tesla's Leasing Program Is A Big Step In Its Ride-Sharing Network

Tesla Model S And X: Go Farther Charge Faster And Ride Smoother

EVgo Launches First Public Rideshare Fast Charging Hub

Video Captures Curious Tesla Model S Explosion

The Tesla Semi Truck Is Actually Delivering Cars To Customers

Production Volkswagen I.D. Buggy Would Be A Low-Volume Halo EV

How Are Tesla Vehicles "Learning" To Drive By Themselves?

West Coast Power Providers Explore Charging For Trucks Along I-5

Tesla Model 3, Model Y Get Nose Job In Artist Rendering

Tesloop Explains Various Causes For Tesla Battery Degradation

Everything We Know About The 2019 Kia Niro EV (e-Niro)

Rivian R1S Electric SUV: First Impressions From

New Novel Goes In-Depth On The Unending Dirty Diesel Scandal

Tesla Gigafactory 3 Update: Roof Construction And Paving

NIO Releases Details Of Battery Upgrade Offer To 84 kWh

Carmakers To Spend $255 Billion On Electrification By 2022, Some Are Skeptic

Will Yellow Card Warning Prevent Formula E Demolition Derby?

Workhorse N-GEN To Be Produced In Partnership With Prefix Corporation

Honda Shows Off Its First Electric Motorcycle

Sweden To Test Dynamic Wireless Charging On Island Of Gotland

Renault Announces Experimental Last-Mile Delivery Van EZ-FLEX

Nissan LEAF Is Fastest Selling Used Car In UK

Rivian Is Benchmarking So Many Other Cars Than Teslas

The Vector: You Can Invest In The Electric Motorcycle Business

Aggressive Evans Overtake In Formula E Race Was Good Racing

New Flyer Launches U.S.' First OppCharge Charging Stations

Sono Motors To Be Produced By NEVS In Former SAAB Plant In Sweden

The Change Coming To Comments

Proterra Launches $200 Million Credit Facility For Battery Lease Program

Witness The Epic Drag Race Between The H2 And The LS-218

A Closer Look At Nikola World 2019: 5 Debuts, Advantages, Challenges

Battery-Electric Vehicle Charging: History And Future

Tesla Roamer Motorhome Prototype Breaks Cover For First Time

Check Out This Amazing Look Inside The Tesla Fremont Factory

Nissan Expected Rome Formula E Race To Last One More Lap

Audi E-Tron Production Stalls Out, E-Tron Sportback Delayed

NIO Presents ET Preview & Latest Tech At Shanghai Auto Show

Mullen: Qiantu K50 Is First Step To Being An EV Company

Geely Geometry A At 2019 Shanghai Auto Show: Photos & Videos

Evans Could Have Ruined Rome Formula E Race For Everyone

Mercedes Concept GLB Might Become An EV SUV

Nikola Wows Huge Crowd With Five Zero-Emission Vehicles

Lamborghini Aventador Successor Could Be 1,100-HP Plug-In Hybrid

Tesla Model 3, Chevrolet Bolt, BMW i3 Teardowns Compared

Tesla Model 3 Top-Selling Car Of Any Kind In Three Euro Markets

Teslamino Is A Short Cut To An Electric Pickup Truck

Sleek Xpeng P7 Joins The Chinese EV Scene

Kia Unveils HabaNiro Electric Concept At New York Auto Show

Qiantu K50 By Mullen Debuts In New York

Plug-In Electric Car Ownership Rose Dramatically In UK In 2018

Sila Nanotechnologies Raises $170 Million With Daimler Among Investors

Genesis Mint Concept Is A Tasty Two-Seater Electric City Car

Kia Presents K3 Plug-in Hybrid In Shanghai

2020 Mercedes-Benz EQC Edition 1886 Revealed

BYTON CO-Founder Breitfeld Departs For Iconiq Motors

Rumor Control: So, Husky Is Coming Up With An Electric Scooter?

Geely Geometry A Electric Car Launches In China

Fastned Opens Its First 350 kW Charging Station In The UK

Renault City K-ZE Electric CUV Debuts At Shanghai Auto Show

Battery-Powered Toyota C-HR Highlights Electric Debuts In China

The Future Electric Kawasaki Could Be A Ninja?

Vandoorne Had Driveshaft Failure Immediately Following Formula E Finish

2020 Karma Revero GT PHEV Revealed With 535 Horsepower

Let's Take A Closer Look At The Infiniti Qs Inspiration

Volkswagen I.D. ROOMZZ: Photos & Videos From Shanghai

Volkswagen Group To Produce 22 Million EVs By 2028: Over 50% In China

The Next New Lotus Is Supposed To Be An Electric Hypercar

Buick Velite 6 MAV Is Another EV In GM's Lineup: For China

Amazing Tesla Trip: SpaceX Launch, Meeting Of The Minds

Aston Martin Rapide E Debuts At 2019 Shanghai Auto Show: Video

Electric Vehicle Loyalty Surges In Recent Months, Study Finds

Zero Shows Off Prototype SR/F at London's Ace Cafe

Chris Hoy Drives Formula E Demo Car In Rome

Next VW I.D. Family Member Could Be A Rugged Off-Road EV

Tesla Gigafactory 3 Shanghai Update Via Local Onlookers And Drone

In March 7.5% Of Cars Sold In Switzerland Were Plug-Ins

Audi AI:ME Electric Autonomous Concept Debuts In Shanghai: Videos

Video: Top Gear Dissects Pininfarina Battista, The 1,874-HP EV

Tesla Sentry Mode Captures A High-Profile Hit-And-Run: Video

Panasonic Cell Lines At Gigafactory Limit Tesla Model 3 Production

Musk Says Tesla Will Make Astonishing 500,000 Cars In Next 12 Months

Tesla Road Trip: The Truth About Public Charging

Over 50% Of Toyota Sales In Europe Are Hybrids: PHEVs Not Even 1%

Polestar 2 Debuts In China: Will Be Produced In Luqiao From 2020

Emflux One: India's New Electric Superbike

This Guy Claims Tesla Model 3 Is A Better Value Than Honda Accord

Porsche Japan Selects ABB To Build CHAdeMO Infrastructure For Taycan

VW Reveals I.D. Roomzz Electric SUV With 280-Mile Range

Ford Releases More Details On Transit Smart Energy EV Concept

Audi Announces Q2 L e-tron With 38 kWh Battery For China

Jaguar Designer Sheds Light On Brand's Future EVs

Rivian R1T Truck & R1S SUV Wow NYC Ahead Of Auto Show: Video

Formula E Rome ePrix Race Results: Spoiler Alert

Deep Dive Into Tesla Model 3 Price Changes: What's Going On Here?

Mercedes Scores Record Order For eCitaro: Some With Solid-State Batteries

Is Tesla Model 3 Now Faster Than Challenger Hellcat? Drag Race Video

Nissan: Don't Count Out Buemi Due To Formula E Drought

Mini's Survey Reveals Most Americans Are Ok With 75 Miles Of EV Range

Geely Launches Geometry EV Brand With New Sedan

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Sales Hit 200,000

Autocar First Drive: Redesigned, Euro-Spec Kia Soul EV

Car And Driver Says Kia Niro EV Is A Spectacular Electric Car

Tesla Model 3 Continues To Convert Hardcore Gearheads

Tesla Announces Model 3 Leasing, Autopilot Now Standard

2018 Nissan LEAF Redesign Appreciated & Awarded By J.D. Power

Ford Invests In Solid Power For Future Solid-State Batteries

Tesla Gigafactory Expansion Reportedly Frozen Temporarily

Saft & Tianneng To Produce 5.5 GWh Of Li-Ion Batteries In China

Exclusive Interview With CEO Of Electric Truck Maker Bollinger Motors

Tesla Semi: Details On Truck Aerodynamics And Drag Coefficient

Electric Car Holy Grail: The Facts Show No One Can Top Tesla

Mitsubishi e-Yi Concept To Be Unveiled In Shanghai

Tesla Releases New Safety Report - Q1 2019

Tesla Model S Roamer Motorhome Is The EV Camper Of The Future

Atlis XT Electric Pickup Truck Platform Exposed

Hyundai Kona Electric Sees MSRP Spike After Chevy Bolt Incentive Drops

Tesla Shorts Go Far Beyond The Usual With Personal Attacks & Allegations

Curtiss Announces Pricing For New Electric Zeus

Audi Launches Nationwide Electric Car Advertising Campaign: Video

Kia Niro EV: What's There To Like And Dislike

Construction Of Mercedes Untertürkheim Battery Plant Officially Starts

Watch Why Tesla Model 3 Has Edge On Engineering: Video

Jaguar Melts Pre-Production I-Paces To Make New Body Panels

Tesla Model 3 RWD 0-60-MPH Before & After Performance Update: Video

Watch Tesla Model 3 Performance Lap The Nurburgring: Video

European Carmakers Urge Investment In Charging Infrastructure

First Right-Hand-Drive Tesla Model 3 Spotted In California

Will This Prove To Be Tesla's Smartest Move In Years?

Why Demolition Derbies Threaten Formula E

2019 Hyundai Kona Electric: What Consumer Reports Thinks

Volkswagen Group Secures Lithium Battery Supplies In China

Watch This Inside Look At Rivian: See R1T Pickup Truck & R1S

Tesla Reportedly Working On Model S & X Powertrain Upgrade

Mercedes Formula E Race Car Makes Its Track Debut

Porsche Taycan 2-Speed Rear Transaxle: Performance Modeled

Ford Develops Smart Algorithm To Identify Most Beneficial Sites For Chargers

Harley To Add Fake Sound To Livewire Electric Motorcycle

More On Tesla Model 3 Update That Improves Range And Power

Project Stealth Rocket Tesla Model X Looks Sinister: Video

US Plug-In Electric Car Sales Charted: March 2019

Faraday Future Seeks New Life In Joint Venture Agreement With The9

Fiat Chrysler To Pay Tesla In Bid To Meet EU's Emissions Target

SK Innovation To Build New Battery Separator Plant In Poland

Buemi Angered By Very Unfair Formula E Investigation Procedure

Tesla Keeps Cranking Out Battery-Electric Cars While Toyota Won't Budge

Harley-Davidson Installing Charging Stations For Livewire

Škoda Launches Citigo E-Pilot, Production To Start In Q4 2019

University of Georgia Orders 20 Proterra Electric Buses

CCW Rebuilds Over 50 Diesel Buses To Electric, Offers 466 kWh Packs

ChargeWheel Announced Deployment Of 100 Energy Trailers In California

EBUSCO Celebrates Order For 60 Electric Buses

Chevy Bolt EV Surges Back Into The South Korean Market

Duke Energy Proposes $76M EV Charging Program In North Carolina

Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Spied As Future Electric Wagon

Electric Porsche Macan Might Spawn Coupe Version

Top Gear's 24-Hour Ultimate Tesla Marathon: Model Y, Model 3, More

Pininfarina Battista To Make UK Debut This Week

Fisker Releases New Electric SUV Teaser

Spark Plug Manufacturer Develops Solid-State Batteries For Moon Mission

Study Cites Tesla Semi's Strengths: German Tech Expert Calls It Pointless

Formula E Eyes Race In Shanghai For Next Season

Toyota Prius Prime Plug-In Outsells Honda Clarity PHEV To Capture Sales Crown

Tesla Model 3 Performance First Drive: BMW Owner's Candid Reactions

Mercedes GLB Electric Spied: Is This The Upcoming EQ B?

Tesla Sales Down For Q1 2019, But The Situation Is Far From Dire

BYD Produced Its 300th Electric Bus In Lancaster, California

Mercedes-Benz Sells First eCitaro With New Big Battery Pack Of 292 kWh

New Details Emerge On Ford's Long-Range Electric Crossover

2020 Karma Revero PHEV Picks Up New BMW Engine

Audi E-Tron Gets Lower Than Expected 204-Mile EPA Range Rating

Heuliez Receives Order For 49 GX437 Articulated Electric Buses

Innolith Claims It's On Path To 1,000 Wh/kg Battery Energy Density

2019 Kia Niro EV Is A Solid EV, But It's Quite Pricey: Video

Not Your Average CEO: Musk Rescues Tesla-Owning Celebrity In Need

March 2019 U.S. EV Sales Continue The Trend, Barely Exceeding 2018

Johnson Matthey Announces eLNO Cathode Materials Plant In Poland

Jaguar Preps To Recover Aluminum From I-PACE For Second-Life Use

March 2019 U.S. Plug-In EV Sales Report Card

A Closer Look At Tesla Supercharger Network: Is Free Charging Worth It?

This Electric Bicycle Insanely Goes 45 MPH: Video

Tesla Releases Q1 2019 Sales Report: Deliveries Plunge By 31%

Ford Escape/Kuga PHEV: Specs, Images, Videos

New Ford Explorer Plug-In Hybrid: Specs, Images, Videos

Ford Tourneo Custom Plug-in Hybrid Van To Launch In Late 2019

Was Fiat Concept Centoventi The Surprise EV Hero Of Geneva’s Motor Show?

Tesla Cars In Junkyards Still Retain Personal Data

2021 Ford Transit Electric Van: Everything We Know

Tesla Gigafactory 3 Rises Up Out Of The Ground: Video

Ford Goes Electric In Europe - Bold Electrification Plans Announced

Tesla Model 3 Yields For Ambulance, Gets Smashed By Mack Truck: Video

China Reduces Electric Car Subsidies, Increases Vehicle Tech Requirements

Audi Q8 Plug-In Hybrid Spied Testing Without Camo

Hackers Cause Tesla Model S To Steer Itself Into Oncoming Lane: Video

United States Postal Service Tests Cummins-Powered All-Electric Vehicles

Toyota Announces Royalty-Free License On 23,740 Electrification Patents

Volkswagen Teases Full-Size Electric SUV I.D. ROOMZZ

Yamato Transport Ordered 500 Electric StreetScooters In Japan

Mugen Shinden Hachi Electric Motorcycle Preps For 2019 TT

2020 Ford Explorer PHEV Revealed With 25 Miles Of Electric Range

2020 Ford Escape Brings With It A Plug-In Hybrid Option

Five Reasons Why You Might Hate Your Tesla Model 3: Video

BYTON Completes Initial Cold Weather Testing For M-Byte SUV

Formula E 2019: 6 Different Winners In 6 Races

Is The Market About To Be Blown Away By Tesla Model 3 Q1 Production?

Tesla's Dynamic Brake Lights Should Push U.S. Automakers To Follow Suit

Land Rover Installs World's Most Remote Charging Point

Tesla Model 3 On Supercharger V3: Here Are The Charging Specs

Ever Wonder What Makes Electric Motorcycles Tick? Video

EV Sales In Norway Go Nuts As Tesla Model 3 Rockets To #1 In March

Fortum Announces Over 80% Electric Car Battery Recycling Rate

Rivian R1T Electric Truck & R1S SUV Reservation Gifts: Unboxing Videos

Everything We Know About Tesla Autopilot

How Do Tesla's V3 Superchargers Get You Ready To Roll In 15 Minutes?

Audi A4-Sized Electric Sedan To Ride On Porsche EV Platform

Long-Term 2018 Nissan LEAF: 10,000-Mile Update

Hacker Gets Tesla On Autopilot To Stop Itself At Red Light: Video

Driving A Tesla Model S May Lead To Addiction: Risk Worth Taking?

Let's Take An In-Depth Look At Tesla's Entire Lineup Of Cars

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