Tesla fans may be jealous of Top Gear's "ultimate Tesla day out."

Top Gear -- much like InsideEVs and many other electric car enthusiasts and members of the automotive press -- attended the recent Tesla Model Y reveal event. If you've never attended one of these trips, we can tell you that it's often a race to the finish. Generally, you have to secure plans at the last minute, hustle out the door, perhaps fly across the country (or the globe), and then you wait. Crowds, long lines, etc. Finally, the event starts and ends in minutes and you set off for the journey home.

For these reasons, many of us that travel for automotive events try to fit a few extra experiences into our trips, so that our time is better spent. If you're heading to California for a Tesla reveal, it just makes sense to try to secure a Fremont factory tour. In addition, you may be able to visit SpaceX. In the case of the Model Y event, Tesla hosted it at its Design Studio, which is in Hawthorne on the same grounds as SpaceX.

Renting an EV to travel around the area is another fantastic idea. Jack Rix from Top Gear started in the San Francisco area to check out the Tesla factory in Fremont. Then, he had to head to the Model Y event, so he grabbed up a Tesla Model 3 Performance to make the trip down to Los Angeles. It seems that attending an event such as this would make a much greater impression if you had just immersed yourself in related activities.

Anyhow, check out Rix's amazing day and leave us a note in the comment section.

Video Description via Top Gear on YouTube:

TESLA Model Y Reveal, Model 3 Road Trip and Factory Tour | Top Gear

Welcome to the ultimate Tesla day out. Top Gear Magazine's Jack Rix takes on a marathon Tesla-based 24 hours that includes: touring the massive Fremont Factory where the Model S, 3 and X are built, road tripping from San Francisco to Los Angeles in a Model 3 Performance and going rogue at the reveal party for the new Model Y SUV in the evening, hosted by Elon Musk himself.