We've shared several videos lately in an attempt to keep you apprised of the continuing construction developments at Tesla's Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, China. At this point, the workers appear to be spending most of their time framing out the top of the structure and beginning to pave sections of the roof.

Since construction of the massive structure just started a few months ago, the progress is impressive. With a target date of May 2019 to finalize the first phase of construction, Tesla must continue to work rapidly. As soon as just a few weeks from now, the automaker has plans to begin installing vehicle production equipment in some parts of the new building.

As these construction updates continue to stream in, it's important to note that the YouTubers providing them are finding it increasingly difficult to shoot footage of the structure and the workers. We can only hope that we'll be able to keep you informed of progress moving forward.

Video Description via Uva on YouTube:

Tesla shanghai gigafactory: Top architecture installation and roof paving

Hello everyone! This time I went to the Tesla Shanghai site, and there was no big change in the outside observation and last time. The first phase of the project is still at the top of the installation and laying. Most of the construction workers are busy on the roof of the steel frame, there are roofing panels, welded steel bars, and roof steel structural brackets. We can see that the workers have taken good safety measures. A publicity card on safety production was also erected inside, and the first phase of the project was carried out in an orderly manner. Empty shots can be seen, the cranes on the construction site look a lot, arranged in various locations on the construction site, which is also a lot of netizens surprised. A netizen from the United States saw the previous video saying that at the GIGAfactory site in the United States, they only saw three cranes at work. Obviously, compared with the number of China, the disparity is a bit big. Now that it is very close to May, the Tesla Shanghai Super Factory is about to be built, and we are paying close attention. What the compensation here is saying is that as the external construction of the project is coming to an end, the shooting on the spot has become more and more difficult. The security personnel who are patrolling at any time on the construction site will stop being warned when they see someone shooting. I have been warned twice. I don't know if gigafactory in the US is the same. Ok, thank you all! I wish you all a happy!

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