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The latest video update on the Tesla Gigafactory 3 provided by Chinese 烏瓦 channel proves that the progress in Shanghai is pretty quick.

A significant part of its steel construction is already installed and it's a true example of "China speed". It's anticipated that the first units of Model 3 will be assembled at the site by the end of this year.

Tesla intends to use Gigafactory 3 to produce base versions of Model 3 and later also the Model Y.

From the video description:

"This is what surprised me. Just last week, in addition to the construction of two steel frames in the Tesla site in Lingang, the ground is still flat. Now, we have seen several steels in the site. This is a very exciting thing to do with the exterior of the building.

After a few months of construction, let us see the "China speed", we can like it! Also praised the builders who fought in the construction site! As a netizen said, "American technology plus China's speed is the future development", , ,,,,

From the empty flats to the high-rise architectural frameworks today, all the way to the scene, witnessed the construction of the Gigafactory built outside the US land. Although I have to drive more than 150 kilometers every time I go there, I can see that the Tesla Shanghai Super Factory is growing step by step. I am very comforted. At the same time, I can pass the latest information to the fans of Tesla. Happy things.

With the beginning of the ground construction, I think that in the near future, a modern new energy automobile factory will be born, and we are looking forward to this day."

Tesla Gigafactory 3 facts:

  • location: Shanghai, China
  • wholly-owned subsidiary (not joint venture)
  • construction was started in January 2019
  • initial construction should be completed by the end of summer
  • production of cars should start in second-half of 2019 (volume production from 2020)
  • expected total investment: about $2 billion
  • purpose: production of affordable versions of Model 3/Model Y for greater China region (higher cost versions of 3/Y and all S/X to be produced in the U.S.)
  • battery packs will be assembled using lithium-ion cells from various suppliers, including Panasonic
  • expected volume: 500,000 per year
Tesla Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai

Tesla Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai

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