Charge your bike, get a cup of coffee, use the bathroom, buy a new tourer...

Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire electric motorcycle will be available for purchase nationwide beginning this August. They're already taking deposits. The Motor Company is planning to have a LiveWire on the floor in at least one dealer in every state, and possibly more in densely-populated urban areas. Where there’s one on the floor there will also be at least one specific LiveWire salesperson on staff, dedicated solely to the electric motorcycle.

As part of that dedication, Harley has been busy installing Electric Vehicle charging stations at its dealerships. The LiveWire sports an SAE Combo CCS charging connector, which is the same as many American and European electric vehicles: Chevy’s Bolt and Spark, the BMW i3 and several electric Volkswagens and Mercedes. Tesla’s charging stations, although the most ubiquitous, are incompatible with anything but a Tesla, so you will not be able to charge your LiveWire there.

There is no word yet on whether the LiveWire charging station will be free or cost-based, and also whether they will be open to any EV or only to Harley-Davidson electric bikes.

The LiveWire has a pricetag starting at $29,799, has a 140-mile city range and the capacity for a Level 3 charger, which means it will charge from a depleted battery to full in an hour or less. And Harley-Davidson wants you to spend that hour, of course, in one of its dealerships, checking out all the other bikes as well as the accessories available for your LiveWire.

It sure sounds like Harley-Davidson is truly dedicated to this sea change in their lineup. Sure, there will still (probably always, until they’re outlawed, anyway) be the classic internal-combustion V-Twin tourers gracing the H-D showroom floor but the new electric bikes that Harley is introducing are guaranteed to shake things up. Perhaps the faithful will be inspired to take a harder look at the electric future.

While I can guess that you might be suspicious of the publication date on this article, I swear to you that we are not pulling your leg here.

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