New NIO electric sedan looks promising

NIO was present at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show with everything it has, starting from the EP9  the racing halo car, NIO EVE Vision concept, ES8 flagship, new ES6 SUV, NIO Formula E Team car, battery swap stations, new charger NIO Power Charger, new dual-motor drive with torque vectoring and higher energy dense battery pack. On top of all of that comes the new NIO ET Preview sedan, which previews a new production model.


We must admit that the NIO ET Preview is one of the best-looking new electric car in China (see gallery and videos below), despite several interesting new models being shown by other brands. At this stage, NIO hasn't revealed any specs details.

NIO's latest 84 kWh battery pack (seen in the second video) with NCM811 nickel-cobalt-manganese lithium-ion cells and a carbon fiber housing, is rated at 180 Wh/kg. The new pack will give ES8 20% higher range - 425 km (264 miles) NEDC, while the ES6 should be able to go 510 km (317 miles) NEDC.

The new 220 kW permanent magnet synchronous motor electric drivetrain, thanks to two motors, enables to use torque vectoring between left and right wheel. NIO presents also its current 160 kW permanent magnet synchronous motor and 240 kW high-performance induction motor.

Gallery: NIO Presents ET Preview & Latest Tech At Shanghai Auto Show

Gallery: NIO Presents ET Preview & Latest Tech At Shanghai Auto Show

From the press release:

"At this year’s Auto Shanghai, NIO brought the latest NIO House experience right to the auto show itself by creating “NIO House|Auto Shanghai”. The company also showcased the high-performance electric flagship ES8 SUV; the high-performance long-range, intelligent electric ES6 SUV; the world's fastest electric car, the EP9; the NIO EVE Vision car and NIO Formula E Team car, the NIO 004. The ET Preview, the first in NIO’s sedan series also made its premiere at Auto Shanghai. The ET Preview represents NIO’s exploration of an all new car body, whose sleek new contours combine elegant proportions with power and beauty through a minimalistic design.

In terms of electric motor, ECU and power battery technology, NIO displayed its high-performance electric mobility platform which combines high-energy density NCM811 nickel-cobalt-manganese battery pack technology with high-efficiency permanent magnet motors in the front and high-performance induction motors in the rear, to achieve a NEDC cruising range of up to 510 km.

Additionally, the 220kW permanent magnet synchronous motor electric drivetrain, carbon fibre battery pack and other pioneering technologies, reflected NIO's technical prowess and research and development strength.

Also debuting at the auto show was NIO’s fast-charging pile, NIO Power Charger, which is the “last piece of the NIO Power service system jigsaw”. Through intelligent integration with home charging piles, power stations and mobile charging vehicles it provides users an efficient charging experience.

NIO’s “One Click for Power” has currently been used over 93,000 times. During the auto show, NIO officially extended “One Click for Power” to the public. Users of other electric car brands will be able to use the “One Click for Power” charging service through the “NIO Charging” mini app in WeChat at 280 yuan per service.

60 NIO car owners volunteered as Fellows during Auto Shanghai 2019. As Fellows, they presented NIO’s products and services and shared their experience as NIO car owners with visitors to the auto show.

“After just over four years of development, NIO has grown into a tech company that is constantly perfecting itself and increasing systemic efficiency, while striving to provide high-quality service to users,” said William Li, Founder, Chairman and CEO of NIO."

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