NIO ES8 SUV Does Donuts In The Snow – Video

#MondayMotivation We love to make iced donuts in the morning… NIO ES8 SUV, Test Drive in Yakeshi, Inner Mongolia, PRC. #BlueSkyComing #EV #SUV #ES8 #NIO — NIO (@NIOGlobal) January 8, 2018 Time to make the donuts! Before a vehicle comes onto the market, prototypes are put through a variety…

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NIO Releases All-Electric ES8 SUV Road Test – Video

NIO has presented a video with its ES8 prototypes tested around the world, ahead of its market launch next year in China. The all-electric 7-seat (2-3-2) SUV is to be equipped with a dual-motor all-wheel drive power-train and probably a decent-sized battery pack (we have to speculate as NIO has yet…

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NIO ES8: U.S. CEO Reveals Details On Upcoming Electric SUV

Chinese electric vehicle startup, Nio (formerly NextEV), is moving to take on Tesla with its NIO ES8 electric SUV, and Business Insider pulled some insight from the automaker’s U.S. boss. The NIO ES8 was recently unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show in China. The company has already produced six flagship EP9 supercars, one…

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