A Chinese company builds an electric sports car. Will Americans take to it?

The Qiantu K50 by Mullen, which made its debut Wednesday at the New York Auto Show, poses an interesting question to two growing markets: EVs and cars from China.

It's not like Qiantu is missing much from a sports car, at least on paper. The K50 uses an aluminum frame that's covered with carbon fiber panels – all in the name of rigidity and weight savings. Electric motors at the front and rear axle provide both all-wheel-drive traction with torque vectoring, which put out a combined 430 horsepower or so, so speed and grip should be present and accounted for. Braking is mercifully done with the help of 4-piston Brembo brake calipers.

But is it the answer to a question anyone is asking, at least in the U.S. Mullen, the Southern California-based company that is federalizing and distributing the K50, is going to find out. After all, many of the buyers looking for a hyper-quick electric sports car are probably holding their breath for the day Tesla actually starts selling the new Roadster.

Here's the full press release:

With our Qiantu K50 by MULLEN project we exemplify our vision and further prove what we can do as a company. Our partner Qiantu and everyone at MULLEN is working hard in providing an exciting product in North America. Here are some features that shows how good of a product our K50 is.

Qiantu K50 by MULLEN – features

All-aluminum Structural Body Frame: Qiantu K50 by MULLEN uses advanced high-strength aluminum frame structure, enhancing the rigid structure sheet metal body.

Carbon-fiber Body Panels: The 29 components of the carbon-fiber body panels compromising each complete K50 weighs only 46.7kg in total, which is more than 40% and 20% lighter than steel and aluminum allow respectively. Ensure the extreme quality pursue for light weight and improving performance of the car.

Front and Rear Double Wishbone Suspension and Chassis Calibration by Mira: Professional sport car front and read double wishbone suspension, ensures the tire deliver 100% grip and a sure ride on any surfaces and in any circumstances. Thanks for the collaborated chassis development and calibration by Mira, the K50 offers precise handling and ride feedback to drivers just as sportscar.

Dual-Motors (one at the front axle and one at the rear) 4WD: The K50 with permanent magnet synchronous motor has three driving modes: Adaptive/Sport/Boost. You can switch flexibly to meet various driving situations such as daily travel and extreme driving. The extremely dynamic overclocking mode release 320KW of ultimate power, and the full-time four-wheel drive creates a driving experience with full back support.

RESS (Rechargeable Energy Storage System): Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS) exclusively created by Qiantu Motor is composed by 10 standard battery packs, BMS and thermal management system. The unique standard battery box module design takes the safety of the K50 battery system to a whole new level. The battery Thermal management adopts the active liquid cooling/heating system, which fundamentally solves the problems of low-temperature start-up and high-temperature discharge of pure electric vehicles and can supply electric energy even in the cold of minus 30 degrees and the heat of 55 degrees.

Dynamic Torque Vector Distribution: With dynamic torque vector (DTV) system, our Qiantu K50 by MULLEN shows extraordinary cornering performance, by applying appropriate braking force to the inner wheels, it can ensure the turn is safe and stable. Providing the drive with the perfect experience of a more neutral steering.

Pirelli High-performance Sports Tires/Lightweight Forged Aluminum Wheel: The Pirelli P-Zero sports tires that come on the Qiantu K50 by MULLEN features a unique tread design to make the car a strong performance with awesome grip in wet conditions. With lightweight forged aluminum wheels, it reduces the unsprung mass and improves the dynamic response of the vehicle.

Leather and Alcantara Materials Sports Seats: The sports seats are made of leather and Alcantara; the Alcantara’s sleek design provides sufficient friction between the occupant and the seat while providing extra lateral support. The leather/Alcantara feels soft and is equipped with practical functions such as seat ventilation and heating.

Interactive Information Entertainment System:6-inch large HD central control display, integrating vehicle settings, air conditioning system control, third-party APP integration, car-phone interconnection, audio-visual system and many other functions.

In-car Solar Energy Air Circulation System provided by roof solar panel: Qiantu K50 has a unique In-car air circulation system powered by the roof solar panel that will automatically start after the temperature rises to 77 degrees; this provides a comfortable driving experience.

Brembo High-performance Braking System: Qiantu K50’s Brembo 4-piston brake caliper guarantees a powerful braking force that allows the car to brake in extreme distances. The front and rear high-carbon ventilated brake discs are also from Brembo; these have a scribing and perforation design for better abrasion performance and thermal conductivity.

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