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New Tesla Roadster Compared To Old

If Tesla can deliver what it’s promising, the new Roadster obliterates all previous versions. Love it or hate it, the original Tesla Roadster paved the way for the Tesla vehicles we know and love today, like the Model S and the new Model 3. Though it was based on a Lotus chassis, and limited…

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Tesla Renders, Fantasy Vehicles, And Outright Fun Stuff

FREAKY TESLA DESIGN CONCEPTS Pretty much since Tesla started building cars, freelance designers have been creating their own fantasy vehicles. When Model 3 was still a mystery car, armchair stylists created hundreds of concepts of what it might look like – more recently, they’ve done the same for Tesla’s future pickup truck (Model…

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Perhaps The World’s #1 Tesla Fan?

IS THIS TESLA’S BIGGEST FAN? We get amazing photos and stories from Tesla fans all over the world. Whether it be rock stars, pro athletes, or avid Tesla owners, we’re fortunate to have connected with so many in the Tesla community. One intriguing email came in just recently. Steve Distante wrote…

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Tesla Co-Founder Marc Tarpenning Shares Tesla’s Story

THE DEFINITIVE STORY OF TESLA’S BEGINNINGS, TOLD BY CO-FOUNDER MARC TARPENNING As any super-hero fan knows, a great origin story is worthy of retelling from time to time in slightly different versions. This new video isn’t the first time Marc Tarpenning has recounted the birth of Tesla (he and his…

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Next-Gen Tesla Roadster Rendered

Perhaps this renderer missed the latest intel from Tesla CEO Elon Musk who stated that the next-generation Roadster would be a convertible. Or maybe he envisions the Roadster being offered in two body styles, a hardtop and a convertible? Based on the Magna Steyr Mil Plus, this rendered Roadster doesn’t…

5 months ago by Eric Loveday 15