There are loads of Tesla-related projects shared online. Some are intended to be shared and go viral, and others are just weird creations people have spotted and want to share with the world. We haven't seen a very notable Tesla DIY project in some time now, but this Tesla Cyber-Roadster is certainly worth sharing.

YouTube influencer Cyber Hooligan, whose real name appears to be David Andreyev, has been working on interesting Tesla projects for some time now. This is the guy who took a wrecked Toyota Prius and transformed it into a homemade Tesla Cybertruck. That project was shared around like crazy on social media, which likely marked the beginning of a new wave of attention on Cyber Hooligan's work.

The Tesla Cybertruck has proven to be a vehicle that many people across the globe have used as inspiration for DIY car projects. While it seems the boom of homemade and sometimes fully functional Cybertruck mockups has faded, there have been many over the years. This is due in part to the electric pickup truck's unique and simple design, added to the fact that people have been waiting years for it.

Tesla's upcoming second-gen Roadster has also been delayed forever. In fact, a decent list of Tesla influencers actually won a Roadster (or two) as part of the automaker's earlier referral program, and it's starting to seem like they'll never take delivery.

That said, Tesla just announced that it's finally ready to follow through with Tesla Semi deliveries, and it continues to promise that the Cybertruck is coming next year. The US electric car maker has also noted that the Roadster could arrive in the second half of 2023.

At any rate, David is using a Tesla Model 3 to build his own Cybertruck. He picked up the dual-motor Model 3 a few months ago, and he's been working on the Cyber-Roadster ever since. At this point, he's got the EV down to its frame and working parts, and he's leaving the battery and motors as is. However, he has already lowered the roofline and seat, and the tires now stick out beyond the car's wheel wells.

In the latest video above, David proves that the Model 3 Cyber-Roadster is capable of charging, and he says he's about to head to a Tesla Supercharger to prove it can DC Fast Charge. There are several other videos about the project that were published over the last few months. For background, we've included another below, but be sure to visit the Cyber Hooligan YouTube channel for more.

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