Marques Brownlee’s videos are quite wide ranging and while they usually focus on gadgets, some of them are also about electric cars and Tesla in particular. We featured him on the site when the Model S Plaid came out and he made a video about the controversial yoke, and now he’s made another less-than-positive video about Tesla.

This time he is expressing his point that companies aren’t always truthful and they will disseminate information they know is false, announcing something when they know they won’t be able to deliver. MKBHD is referring to the Tesla Roadster in this video and he views the problem from the perspective of someone who was seriously considering buying one (he owns a Model S Plaid now).

However, he seems a bit frustrated by the fact that Tesla announced the Roadster and showed the prototype/concept way back in 2017, when it caused quite the stir. However, in the five years that have passed since, Tesla hasn’t really had anything new to say about the Roadster and all they did was repeatedly postpone it.

The Roadster was announced in 2017 and it was initially supposed to debut in 2020, which it didn’t, then being pushed back by a year each year. We know it won’t be shown this year, as Tesla is still focused on ramping up production of its already popular sedan and crossover models, as well as putting the Cybertruck into production.

We don’t really know if it was the pandemic that made Tesla postpone launching the Roadster in 2020, or if the manufacturer lied about it, knowing full well that it was not going to be able to deliver.

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