The Tesla Model S Plaid is not the first vehicle that comes to mind when picturing going around corners sideways on gravel (that’s more Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo territory), but it can easily cope with such treatment. And with as much power as it has, as well as all-wheel drive, you should be able to get yourself out of most situations, or just have fun in an empty unpaved lot.

Squared Away Everyday took his new Model S Plaid out for a drive in the hopes that he would find an empty parking lot with asphalt where he wanted to do a few donuts for the camera. He did not find a suitable one, but instead he found some empty land where he discovered that the Plaid’s Track Mode makes it fun off paved roads too.

Track Mode allows owners to adjust the handling balance, stability assist and brake regeneration, as well as save presets either for maximum grip driving on track, as well as drifting. The yoke does make going from lock to lock trickier than it has to be, and you can see the driver in this video struggle with it a few times, but the car itself seems quite eager to please even in conditions it was never really designed for.

Yoke aside, this video is proof that the Model S Plaid is not just a tarmac machine and you can rip around on unpaved surfaces quite easily. Do you need the 1,000+ horsepower output? Definitely not, but seeing one of these cars subjected to sideways driving like this is still a cool and unusual sight.

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