Who better to put the Tesla Model S Plaid's new Track Mode feature through the paces than Brooks Weisblat from DragTimes? Perhaps Kyle Conner will plan some extensive testing of the feature in the near future.

For those unaware, Tesla has rolled out some new, free over-the-air software updates of late. This comes as no surprise since the electric automaker is continuously updating its vehicles remotely. However, the recent holiday update and the Model S' new Track Mode feature were certainly "special" editions, unlike some of the other, minor updates.

You may remember a few years back when Tesla released Track Mode for the . Our own Kyle Conner, among many others, tested out the feature extensively. As expected, the Model S Plaid's version of Track Mode is much like that of the Model 3's. However, while the Model 3 is a smaller, lighter, and arguably sportier sedan, the Model S Plaid is a lightning-quick family hauler.

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We've already watched and shared a few videos highlighting the Plaid's Track Mode feature. The new feature came as part of Tesla software update 2021.44.30, though we've heard that some Plaid owners got the Track Mode feature shortly after the main update, as a second, independent update.

At any rate, Track Mode increases the Model S' top speed from 163 mph to 175 mph. In addition, it allows the driver to control many aspects of the car's performance-related settings. Keep in mind, Tesla says the Model S Plaid is capable of hitting a top speed of 200 mph, though an update is needed to achieve that speed. Perhaps there will be a Track Mode Version 2 in the future.

In the video above, Brooks checks out the Model S Plaid's Track Mode feature at CES in Las Vegas. He shows us the feature's settings and then proceeds to test the car's top speed. What's more interesting, however, is Brooks' successful attempt at some burnouts, donuts, and drifting. After the driving tests, he sits down and explains the specifics in greater detail.

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