It was only a matter of time before Brooks Weisblat (DragTimes) put the Tesla Model 3 Performance with Track Mode V2 through the paces. He takes us through the software features and shows us how to download the telemetry data from the Model 3.

Weisblat also tests the Model 3 Performance from zero to 60 mph with various settings. He tests the car to find out if the settings actually allow for full rear-wheel-drive and full front-wheel-drive bias. It's important to note that the car doesn't have the upcoming Tesla "Track Pack" installed, which is a $5,000 option that adds hardware like special rims, tires, and brakes. 

You can order the Model 3 Track package now, but it's not shipping until at least April. Once you order the Track Pack, Tesla will contact you to schedule an installation appointment at a Tesla Service Center. Installation is included in the price. The software update has already been released. 

Check out the video to learn all about the Model 3 Performance's Track Mode V2 feature. Then, scroll down and leave us a comment.

Video Description via DragTimes on YouTube:

TRACK MODE V2 REVIEW & 0-60 TESTING * Tesla Model 3 Performance Telemetry Demonstration & How-To

I demonstrate all of the new Track Mode V2 software features in the Tesla Model 3 Performance along with how to download and view all of the telemetry data from the car. I also test 0-60 MPH for full rear wheel drive bias and front wheel drive bias.

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