The recently released Plaid Track Mode for the Tesla Model S Plaid is spreading through the Plaid fleet, which allows us to see more videos of how it works.

Mountain Pass Performance, which develops performance solutions for Teslas, had an opportunity to install the 2021.44.30 over-the-air software update and present an overview of the settings.

Then it was time for a few tests, although only on a snowy parking lot and in a car with summer tires, as it's the development car that will be racing later this year. We would call it more fun rather than real tests.

In the second part, Mountain Pass Performance gives also a little tour of some of the new parts (mostly related to brakes and suspension). The car has more powerful brakes and air suspension replaced with racing dampers to improve driving on a race track.

Tesla also offers a special brake kit for the Plaid - Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit that should be available by mid-2022. It's a $20,000 item, but drivers who would like to use the Plaid on the track and enjoy "maximum, repeatable stopping power during high-performance driving" really have no choice but to upgrade the brakes one way or another. We've heard multiple complaints about the brakes (see Throttle House video and Speed Academy video as examples).

In a separate video below, shared by Carmine’s Import Service, we can see a little bit of drifting in the Plaid Track Mode, which ended with some bug/issue that messed up the system.

The problem was solved through a quick computer reset, but let's just note that some bugs might appear when pushing it too much.

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