The recently launched Plaid Track Mode for the Tesla Model S Plaid slightly increases the top speed of the car from 163 mph to about *175 mph.

For all those who wonder how quickly the car can accelerate from 0 to top speed, here is a new video, shared by Carmine’s Import Service.

* The manufacturer promises a top speed of 200 mph, but it's not yet available. We assume that it will be unlocked at a later point.

According to the description, the car was driving on a concrete surface without launch control and no drag mode.

The top speed of 171.90 mph (276.5 km/h) - according to the GPS - was achieved within just 17.1 seconds. As we can see on the instrument cluster display, the max is 174 mph, but the real speed is lower.

"No launch control. No drag mode. 35-45F ambient. Michelin 4S Tires. 42 PSi."

In one of the previous videos, it was also pointed out that the car's speedometer may be off by up to several miles per hour (or about 10 km/h).

"Tesla Plaid Speedometer Error? Which is correct? Motec or Tesla Speedo? 10KPH discrepancy = 6MPH

It appears the Tesla speedometer may be off. This is NOT uncommon for any car at higher speeds. If so that would mean that the GPS top speed of the Plaid after the update COULD be a limited 169MPH.

Credits: Video courtesy of Tesla."

Another note is that the Plaid Track Mode is optimized for track driving rather than drag race acceleration. It accelerates slightly slower (in Track Mode with Drag Mode) than the standard Drag Mode.


  • Left: Plaid Track Mode with Drag Mode
  • Right: Drag Mode
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