It seems people are still quite unaware of Tesla Sentry Mode.

People's lack of knowledge about Tesla Sentry Mode could be viewed as good or bad depending on the situation and how you look at it. If more of the public knew that Tesla vehicles can record happenings around the car, they may make very different choices. However, we know that cameras don't always deter criminals. What if it's not really a crime, but some type of minor incident such as a hit-and-run in a parking lot? Would it play out better if the person who hit the car was aware that they had been caught on camera? In this case, it may have for sure.

Since most folks don't know about Sentry Mode, they may leave the scene thinking that they've gotten away with it. Once they do leave the scene, the "accident" turns into a crime. Leaving the scene of an accident is not something the authorities take lightly. Sadly, however, in many cases, if you get hit in a parking lot, the police may never find the person who did the damage. That is, unless you have a car with cameras capturing the situation as it unfolds.

If someone hit your Tesla and is aware that the incident was recorded, they may take ownership of the situation. They could leave you their insurance information, which could make the situation play out much more smoothly on both ends. If the incident turns into a hit-and-run violation, it can get a whole lot more messy for the owner and the "criminal."

The above YouTube video reveals an incident involving former traffic court Judge Willie Singletary. He's now running for the Philadelphia City Council. He accidentally backs his Cadillac Escalade into a Tesla Model 3. Singletary's shown hitting the car and eventually leaving the scene. One would think a traffic court judge with future political aspirations would make different choices, but apparently not. According to Teslarati, he was easily identified, and the Model 3 owner was able to get in contact with him. Teslarati was able to glean many more compelling details surrounding the situation. So, check out the source link below for further information.

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Video Description via emeraldik on YouTube:

Willie Singletary, Council Candidate Hits Model 3 with Escalade and leaves scene.

People need to pay more attention to driving and politics. Willie Singletary, Philadelphia city council candidate, hit a parked car on April 4th after a candidate forum. He went out, saw the damage and the alarm and left the scene thinking he could get away with it. The car is a Tesla Model 3 with with SentryMode recordings. Later after he was tracked down through the video, he did provide insurance information.

Everyone should register to vote and pay attention to our politics and environment. Don't ignore it and assume that people in power know what they are doing, that is clearly not the case.

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Special Thanks to Teslarati and Elon Musk for sharing and making it viral.

Source: Teslarati

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