NIO, as promised in late 2018, is introducing the higher capacity lithium-ion battery packs (84 kWh) as an addition to the initially available 70 kWh.

The new pack option makes the ES8 and upcoming ES6 50,000 CNY (over $7,450) more expensive than the base 70 kWh and will translate to:

  • ES8 - 425 km (264 miles) NEDC of range (up 20%)
  • ES6 - 510 km (317 miles) NEDC of range

In the case of the new ES8/ES6, orders for 84 kWh pack to be accepted from May 1, while deliveries are scheduled on July 2019.

Upgrade of older NIO cars

NIO announced also two range upgrade programs for older cars with 70 kWh battery packs, if owners are seeking to get more range. Those two options will start in September 2019.

The first is the Flexible Upgrade Program, which enables the use of higher-capacity packs for a certain amount time (like vacations). Those packs will be available at battery swap stations at a price of 66 RMB ($9.84) per day:

The Flexible Upgrade Program allows users to use the 84 kWh long-range battery for 66 RMB per day. All ES8 owners who received their vehicle or made a non-refundable deposit by March 31, 2019 will receive a 40% discount (39 RMB/day).

The second offer is Permanent Upgrade Program if you want to change out the old 70 kWh battery for a new 84 kWh at a price of 50,000 RMB (over $7,450):

The Permanent Upgrade Program allows NIO car owners to permanently use a 84kWh battery for an upgrade charge of 50,000 RMB. All ES8 owners who received their vehicle or put down a non-refundable deposit by March 31, 2019, will receive 40% discount off the original upgrade charge, a total price of 30,000 RMB. The 40% discount can be used once by the original owner of the vehicle. If the offer is not used this year, it can be deferred until a later time.

Li Bin, NIO’s Founder, Chairman and CEO said:

"We have been able to launch our Range Upgrade Programs through the integration of a suite of technologies. This offers an improved experience for our users and an innovative model for the entire industry."

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