How does the Tesla Model 3 RWD fare from 0-60 with no power boost and no traction control?

Brian from YouTube channel, i1Tesla, continues to crank out new and exclusive content. There've been a few complaints that Brian's videos may be a touch long, but we appreciate that he's an average Joe working hard to find and share unique and captivating takes when it comes to the Tesla Model 3. This latest video gives us a very good idea of the Model 3's real-world 0-60-mph time.

Brian compares the zero-to-60-mph time with slip-start on and off, though he's mostly interested in learning how it stacks up to published specs via Tesla. He starts with a full charge and tries to assure that the car is warm, but he's up against cooler temps (38 degrees Fahrenheit). During his initial test, the car is reasonably warm, since he had it in the garage with the heat on. However, he notes that regen is limited, so we're still talking about a cold car here. It's important to note that tire pressure is at 42 psi.

His first two tests, prior to the update, show a 5.16s- and 5.17s-time. Both of these times exceed Tesla's estimates, despite some marginal uphill driving and a reasonably cold battery.

Brian heads home and initiates the latest update. He also charges the battery to the same level as it was during the previous tests. Initially, he pulls a 5.04 and a 5.10 with slip-start engaged. Then, before he shuts slip-start off -- in order to see if he can get the best time -- he tries several additional attempts. The video includes many more details. Check it out above and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

tesla model 3 0 to 60

Video Description via i1Tesla on YouTube:

0-60 Testing Model 3 2019.8.5

RWD Model 3 with and without the power increase. And No Traction Control.

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