UPDATE: Massive Tesla Mountain Meet-Up And Drive Down Blue Ridge Parkway


Nothing quite like a bunch of Teslas enjoying an incredibly scenic excursion.

***UPDATE: We’ve added more, very beautifully shot video footage below. h/t to scottf200

First of all, we’d like to say that if you’ve never experienced the Blue Ridge Parkway in the North Carolina Appalachians, put it on your bucket list. The area is absolutely gorgeous, as you can tell from the video. It’s especially amazing in the fall and attracts a wealth of visitors to see the leaves changing color, but it’s a bit too early right now for prime colors. Nonetheless, a large group of Tesla owners met there to hang out, drive the spectacular roadway, and record gorgeous drone footage.

At one point there are 20 Tesla vehicles crossing a winding bridge in one direction, while another 20 are heading the opposite direction. It’s become increasingly clear that Tesla owners are part of a large and supportive community. We are seeing more and more of these meet-ups, road trips, and forums popping up on a regular basis. Regardless of whether you’re a Tesla supporter, the interactions, visual stimulation, and reality of this is just plain cool for the segment as a whole.

Video Description via i1Tesla on YouTube:

HUGE Tesla Mountain Meet-Up

Huge Tesla meet-up and drive down the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. Drone and car video coverage.

Hat tip ffbj!

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I hope one day these guys can do it with Full Self Driving function.

and without that “music”

Cool, thanks for the hat tip.

For someone driving a Tesla living in rural Appalachia and waving at every spotted Tesla (about two a year) this is heartwarming, we are not alone!

Hey, the Tesla Army is getting large and in charge! Go Carolinas!

Thanks for the video coverage.

Doing these “meet ups” are great for community building!
A follow-on idea is to assemble a large group (a flock/swarm/pod or maybe a “battery” of EVs) and Flash Mob your municipal and state legislatures and just drive around the building for an hour so that the people inside just see EV after EV and realize that EV owners ARE part of their constituency.

Just a thought….😀

Here is the video that has pieces of ‘Nelson Aerial Productions’ video in i1Tesla video above. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCdiqzdkWKY — just to give full credit to that awesome drone video footage. Which was done, BTW, legally just outside of the Parkway. Nearby road and not crossing border.

A meet up is great. But they should be doing this not in coal country where most of the charging electricity is coming from fossil fuel. The meet up could go to upstate New York for example, where 90% of the power comes from renewable.

Well since I live here in NC and planned this originally as a small get together it only made sense to have it here

I’m in NC and my sources are 40% nuclear, 30% natural gas, 25% coal, and 6% renewable. Coal is dropping rapidly. We should be less than 50% fossil fuel soon.

My Carolina ev is mostly nuke powered.

I see the reactor’s cooling tower on our longer more climb bike route. We are like 2nd or 3rd state in new utility solar depending on the year.

Just wish we could get wind past the troglodytes though Amazon got an exemption from the near ban. Go figure our power company was owned by the main slaver family in the state and would still be if they had their way.

North Carolina has the second highest solar penetration in the country, trailing only California. Even if we didn’t, coal-fired EVs need love, too. See my rationale at

While you’re at it, please look at the maps at

Cool… but not really “massive” since 75 cars is smaller than most Miata roundups.


Really should end at the tail of the dragon…

Psh… the MINI groups get 550-750 MINIs to show up for “MINIs on the Dragon” every year. 🙂


I was there at that same time and also shot drone footage. Will send you later after I edit it. It was beautiful out and very windy.

Excellent! Thank you very much.

Very scenic, Tesla’s look fantastic everywhere, don’t they!

Hooray for Makoto’s Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar in Boone, NC!!! Their parking lot was used to stage the cars before the rally and they were among the first to have high powered chargers available to customers. I stop there each year on my electric motorcycle rides and the general manager, a Tesla driver, has always been friendly and welcoming.
Nice job Tesla owners of NC!

I helped organize this event. Let me know if you have any questions. Next year will be much bigger!


Thanks for sharing.

Sadly, I couldn’t make the event. Hopefully next year!

Just got my video complied of the event as well. Looking forward to next year!

Thank you for sharing with us. Looks amazing!

Also, did you all know that in Virginia Blue Ridge Parkway crosses Elon Road (a section of Virginia state route 130).