Wow! Did they really already crash their brand-new Tesla Model 3? Sadly, the answer is ... Yes. If you follow our site, you likely know that The Fast Lane Car (TFL) literally JUST purchased its Model 3 Long Range

The social media outlet had planned to get a $35,000 Standard Range base Tesla Model 3, but splurged for the Long Range inventory car due to a great deal. Sadly, TFL didn't get to test out the Model 3 for very long before wrecking it. Unfortunately, they backed it into the wall aside the garage. Fortunately, the damage is minimal and the car is still drivable. However, the minor secondary damage due to the impact is more than one might expect.

The mechanics note that Teslas, while safe, aren't built like other cars. The fit and finish is not to a level that's expected. While a "normal" car may take just over a week to fix, a Tesla may take a month. However, luckily, this Tesla may only take about 13 days to fix, though the repairs may cost about over $6,000. 

Of course, one can only assume that after the car comes back from the shop, TFL will be even more hardcore with its coverage. But, for now it may be a long road ahead before the Model 3 is back in action.

In the video above, which is a bit long, the guys at TFL share a bunch more information prior to the reveal of the crash situation. Check it out since it may be awhile before they're able to post more updates.

Video Description via The Fast Lane Car on YouTube:

We Crashed Our Brand New Tesla & You Won't Believe How Much It Will Cost To Fix! Thrifty 3 Ep. 5

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