It turns out Tesla does offer occasional discounts.

The guys over at The Fast Lane Car decided it was time to invest in a Tesla Model 3. Being that the Standard Range $35,000 variant became available, they were pretty excited to be able to get one for much less than previously anticipated. However, when they contacted Tesla to move the deal forward, the salesperson offered a 2018 Mid Range Model 3 that was in inventory. Tesla seemed to be willing to part with the car for right around the same price as a new Standard Range Model 3. What a great deal, right?

As the conversation continued, the prospect of a discounted 2018 Long Range AWD came into play. Since The Fast Lane Car is situated in Colorado, all-wheel drive makes sense for sure. However, there was no way this car was going to go out the door for $35,000. Still, Tesla was willing to make a deal since it was a 2018 inventory car.

In the end, the transaction went through at nearly $6,000 off. Since the plan was to only spend about $35,000, The Fast Lane Car had to trade in its Subaru Outback to help with the transaction. Fortunately, the publication had already exhausted its long-term review of the vehicle, so it wasn't really needed anymore anyhow.

Should they have gone with the Mid Range Model 3 for around $35,000? Was the end result a good deal overall? Have you received a special offer on a Tesla vehicle? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Video Description via The Fast Lane Car on YouTube:

Bargain or Ripoff? Even We Can't Believe How Much We Paid For a New Tesla - Thrifty 3 Ep.2

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