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June 2016 News Archive

TT Zero Winner - Mugen Shinden Go, To Be Present At Formula E Final In London

All-Electric Car Sales In Western Europe Down 0.7% In May

Tesla Model X Windshield Replacement Cost Is Only $880

Karma Expands In Michigan, But When Will Volume Revero Production Happen?

EV Race Car Sets 0-62 mph World Record (100 km/h) In 1.513 Seconds (w/videos)

First Look At The All-Electric Acura NSX-Inspired EV Concept Ahead Of Pikes Peak

Tesla Is Delivering Updated Model S Without Daytime Running Lights (Update/Fix Incoming)

Honda Civic Beats Tesla Model S P85D - Drag Race Video

Nikola Motor Logs 7,000 Pre-Orders For Nikola One Electric Semi Truck

When Tesla Motors Faced The "Shark Tank"

Daimler Establishes Mercedes-Benz Energy For Energy Storage Solutions

Analyst: Tesla Model X Production Hitting Benchmarks, Tesla On Track To Produce 80,000-Plus EVs In 2016

Fiat 500e Recalled Due To Software Glitch That Could Result In Shutdown

Actually, Tesla Receives Almost No Special Support From The Government

Zero Motorcycles Celebrates 10th Anniversary!

LAPD Orders 100 BMW i3 BEVs

Ex Ferrari Boss Joins Faraday Future (Update)

Elon Musk Thinks Apple Car Production Will Start By 2020

Furrer + Frey (Opbrid) Proposes Tractor Swapping - Pony Express

Turns Out Tesla Actually Made An Electric Smart Fortwo That Could Do Wheelies

ClipperCreeks Adds Safety Feature For Its Popular L2 Charging Stations

CHAdeMO Leads Global Plug-in Car Sales By Fast Charging Inlet With 1/3 Of The Market

BMW i3 REx Lawsuit: How'd This Happen & Who's at Fault

Exclusive: Tesla Takes Delivery Of 1.74 Million Samsung Battery Cells

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