The CHAdeMO Association is now tracking sales of plug-in electric cars, paying specific attention to the fast charging capability of those sales.

As it turns out (not surprisingly considering the source), CHAdeMO is most popular system - tallying 33% of BEVs (nearly 238,000 out of 720,000) and 25% PHEVs (nearly 118,000 out of 470,000).

But even more popular than fast no fast charging - 38% BEVs and 75% PHEVs lack the ability to charge via DC.

Other popular choices are Tesla's proprietary Supercharging system (different in NA and Europe) at 15% and Combo (also different in NA and Europe) at 9%.

Three-phase AC charging (Type 2) used mostly by Renault takes 5%.

CHAdeMO also broke out the European numbers (where it faces its largest challenge from Combo) for us to digest.


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