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January 2021 News Archive

Tesla's Crazy Yoke Could Enable Flight Controls, Activate Rockets On Roadster

New Report Underscores Need To Electrify Ride-Hailing Fleets

Watch Volkswagen Start Electric Car Battery Recycling In Salzgitter

Check Out Nikola's Progress At Factory After 6 Months Of Construction

SK Innovation To Build Third EV Battery Plant In Hungary

Range-Topping VW ID.4 Now On Sale In UK With Prices From £37,800

SVOLT's Cobalt-Free NMx Cell Are Now Available For Order

Volkswagen Group: Five Plants Already Produce MEB-Based EVs

Electric Car Fire: Watch As Passenger Exits Just Before The Explosion

Tesla May Offer New Model S/X With A Traditional Steering Wheel Too

President Biden Wants To Roll Out 500K New EV Chargers: Is It Possible?

CATL Promises Solid-State Battery With More Than 350 Wh/kg

Lucid Pokes Fun At New Tesla Model S Yoke On Twitter: Take The Wheel

Grammy Award-Winning Producer Diplo Makes Beats In His Tesla

Tesla Model S & X Refresh: Check Out The Long List Of New Features

With ID.3’s Production, VW's Transparent Factory Is Now The Home Of ID

NIO ES6 Checked Out By Fully Charged In Context Of European Launch

With Geely's Manufacturing Aid, Faraday Future Will Go Public Via SPAC

Alpha EV Charger Beta Test: Unboxing, Installation, And First Impressions

Lordstown Motors: First Endurance Beta Pickup Truck Expected In March

All Tesla Vehicles Now Have Efficiency-Boosting Heat Pump

Tesla Production Sites By Model Assignment, Capacity: January 2021

Semi Should Be The First Fully Autonomous Tesla

Tesla Electric Van Could Become A Reality, According To Elon Musk

GM Plans To Stop Selling Gas Cars By 2035

New Tesla Model S, X Have No Gear Selector: Cars Guess What Gear You Want

Elon Musk: 620-Mile Tesla Roadster Will Be 'Part Rocket' & Can Fly 'A Little'

More On Tesla's Plaid Model S And First Full Year Of Profitability

Ford To Manufacture Mustang Mach-E In China Too (For Local Market)

Porsche Taycan: Autocar & Porsche Set 13 New Time & Endurance Records

Musk’s Remarks About Tesla Cybertruck Raise Doubts About Exoskeleton

We May See Cadillac Celestiq Before 2025, Earlier Than First Thought

Tesla To Increase EV Sales By 50% A Year On Average, More In 2021

Tesla Model S, Model X Refreshes Replace MCU With ICE Used By Model 3, Y

Tesla Model X Plaid Revealed With More Go, New Interior, Crazy Steering Wheel

BMW Announces New Entry-Level 3-Series And 5-Series PHEVs

Tesla Energy Generation And Storage Business: Q4 2020 Results

Xpeng Launches Massive OTA Upgrade for P7, Adds 40 New Functions At Once

Lucid Motors Is Determined To Avoid 'Production Hell'

Tesla Reveals Refreshed Model S Plaid: Production Starts In Q1 2021

Nissan Announces Very Disappointing Strategic Electrification Goal

Top Tesla Engineer For Battery Production Departs For Rivian

Tesla's Regulatory Credit Revenue Will Rise Again In 2021, Analyst Says

Europe: Volkswagen ID.3 Was Second Best Selling Car In December 2020

Stellantis Exec: Range & Charging Bigger Barriers To EV Adoption Than Price

Can This Old Tesla-Powered Toyota RAV4 EV Beat The New PHEV RAV4 Prime?

Lucid Shows How Much It Cares About Paint Quality At AMP-1

There Is One Company That Sells More EV Buses Than BYD: Yutong

LG Chem's LG Energy Solution Closes Year 2020 With Profits

US: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Sales Collapsed In 2020

JAC (And Volkswagen) Will Develop a 46800 Cell With CBAK Energy

Volkswagen ID.4 GTX, ID.5 Quietly Confirmed

Europe Became The World's Biggest Plug-In Electric Car Market In 2020

This Nissan Leaf Repair Shows Why Liquid-Cooling Is What EVs Need

Watch Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta Tech Pushed Past Its Limits

Recently Recalled Hyundai Kona Electric Catches Fire In South Korea

Elon Musk: Tesla Is Trying To Make Real Cars With Casting Like Toy Cars

First Photo Of Tesla’s 4680 Battery Pack: Detailed Analysis

Study: Ford F-150 Electric Pickup More Appealing Than Tesla Cybertruck

UPDATE: Hyundai Ioniq 5 Launch Date Revealed In New Teaser Video

Who Will Supply EVs For The U.S. Government? Volkswagen Volunteers

Sandy Munro Says Mega Castings Could Solve Gap Issues On Tesla Model 3

President Biden: We'll Replace The Entire Fleet Of Federal Vehicles With EVs

ElectReon Completes Dynamic Wireless Charging Road For Trucks

Gas-Guzzling V8 Tesla Model S Gets A Clutch Pedal

Watch Peterbilt Model 579EV Conquer Pikes Peak

Splitvolt Splitter Switch: Lowering Barriers For Home EV Charging

EV Battery Market Expanded To 116 GWh In January-November 2020

Fiat 500e Dominates Italy’s EV Market In December: BEV Sales Grow 8-Fold

Rivian On A Roll: Here's Why It May Win The Electric Pickup Truck Race

Germany's Equivalent To NHTSA Has Tesla MCUv1 Under Scrutiny Too

Ford Mach-E Apparently Has Better Residual Values Than Mustang Coupe

Tesla Fremont Factory Flyover Reveals Massive Giga Press In Operation

Shell To Acquire Ubitricity, The UK's Largest Charging Network

Scania Bets On BEVs, 40t Long-Range Truck Is Coming

Refreshed Tesla Model S Spotted Testing: Or Is It Plaid? See It Here

VW-Related Guoxuan High-Tech Launches Record-Setting 210 Wh/kg LFP Battery Cells

Fastned's Results Recover And Reach New Quarterly High In Q4 2020

Tesla Model Y Tows A Camper 1,500 Miles: What's The Final Verdict?

New Toyota RAV4 Plug-In Hybrid Starts At £47,000 In UK

Watch Tesla Model S Performance Drag Race Chevrolet Corvette C8

Study Shows Increased Interest In EVs, But Price Remains An Issue

Jeep Now Taking Orders For Plug-In Hybrid Wrangler 4xe In Europe

You Can Now Order The 355 HP Peugeot 508 PSE PHEV In Germany From €66,640

VinFast Reveals Three Electric SUVs, Global Ambitions Include U.S. Market

The List Of EV SPACs: Completed And Upcoming

EVgo To Publicly List Through Business Combination With A SPAC

Siemens Launches 96% Efficient Sicharge D Fast Charger

Global Passenger xEV Battery Market Is Booming: November 2020

Xpeng Adds Surrounding Reality Display To In-Vehicle Navigation Systems

Which Are The Most Promising EV Debuts For 2021? Here's Jack's Take

Volta Raises $125 Million In Series D Financing

China: Plug-In Electric Car Sales Reach New Records In December 2020

Tesla Now Charges $1,500 For Upgrade NHTSA Asked To Be A Recall

Ford Mustang Mach-E California Route 1 Is U.S.' Cheapest 300-Mile EV

Electroheads Argue That Tesla's Marketing Strategy Is Losing Steam

Official 2021 Porsche Taycan 4S EPA Range Is 12% Higher Than 2020 MY

Europe: Volkswagen Group Missed 2020 CO2 Fleet Target

Herbert Diess Tweets We Should Pay Attention To Project Trinity

Tesla Model 3 May Get Tow Hitch In US, According To Hacker Data

Former Aston Martin CEO Warns Local Battery Production Is Vital For The UK

Tesla Registrations Up 63% In California: Why? Model Y, Of Course

President Biden's Green Plans Will Require Loads Of Batteries

Frunk Lid Gives Sandy Munro A Hard Time Before 2021 Tesla Model 3 Drive

Hold On To Your Hats: Coachbuilder Creates Convertible Tesla Model S

Europe: Tesla Noticeably Lowers Model 3 Prices

DeLorean DMC 12 May Come Back Solely As An Electric Car

UPDATE: Porsche Taycan Beats Electric Cross-Country Cannonball Record

Watch This Epic Drag Race Featuring 8 Compact Electric Cars

Does Tesla Model 3 Chill Mode Reduce Energy Consumption, Or Is It A Myth?

US: BMW i3 Sales Down 70% In 2020

Buying An Electric Mini Cooper SE & Road-Tripping It Home

China: BYD Plug-In Car Sales Continue To Recover In December 2020

Automakers Switching To An EV Future Must Deal With Stranded Assets

Tesla & Other EVs Win Big In 'What Car?' 2021 Car Of The Year Awards

Rivian's First 2021 Investment Round Brings In $2.65 Billion

Chevrolet Teams Up With Disney To Reveal The Magic Of The Bolt EUV

2021 Porsche Taycan Comparison Reveals New Boosted EPA Range Estimates

Mobileye CEO Says Tesla’s Autopilot Development Will Hit ' A Glass Ceiling '

Luca De Meo Says EVs Will Help Rescue Renault From Hell

Will The Next-Gen Ford Mustang Be Fully-Electric?

France: Plug-Ins Take 19% Of The Market In December And 11% In 2020

Mercedes-Benz EQA Repeats EQC Recipe By Using ICE Platform For EVs

Porsche Announces Entry-Level Taycan Variant

VW Releases ID.4 Prices In China: It's Cheaper Than The Tesla Model 3

StoreDot Made Engineering Samples For Its 5-Minutes Fast-Charging Cell

Massachusetts Becomes The Next State To Set A Ban On Gas Cars

This Tesla Model 3 Has An Extremely Hot Footwell Issue

Renault Says New 5 EV Won’t Replace Any Existing Model

Premier Tesla Repair Shop Electrified Garage: East Coast Expansion

This Chinese EV Tested In Germany Reminds Us Why Crash Safety Matters

Sandy Munro Calculates How Much Bolts And Nuts Affect Car Prices

GM To Produce BrightDrop EV600 In Canada

Next-Gen Peugeot 208, 2008 Will Ditch ICE, Only Be Sold As Electric Vehicles

Mazda MX-30 Coming To U.S. Both As BEV Or With Rotary Range Extender

Tesla Model X Supercharging 0-100%: How Long Does It Really Take?

How to Charge Your Non-Tesla EV On A Tesla Charging Station

Rumor: Electric Rolls-Royce Coming With BMW i7 Motors And Huge Battery

New Plug-In Hybrid VW Arteon Comes In At Just Under £40,000

These Are The Signs That Show Why Giga Berlin Should Be Worried

Goodbye Frozen Fingers: Tesla Model Y Heated Steering Wheel Is U.S., Europe-Bound

20 Electric Concept Cars We Wish We Could Drive Today

Proterra To Become A Publicly Listed Company

NHTSA Highlights Need For Specific Autonomous Vehicle Safety Regulations

Tesla Vs NIO: The Battle For China's Electric Car Soul

US: In 2020, Toyota Sold 3,200 RAV4 Prime

Was Tesla Disrupted By Traditional Carmakers Selling EVs In Europe?

Incredible Electric Ferry Fast Charges Using 26 Plugs Simultaneously, But Why?

Germany: Plug-In Car Share At 26%: Records Everywhere In December 2020

Audi Works On Grid-Optimized Charging To Prevent Blackouts

Ezoom Yi Is A New Electric Sedan From China With Renault Connections

Report Claims Tesla Model Y 3rd Row Is Cramped & Lacks Car Seat Anchors

Aptera Uses Many More Tesla Parts Than We Previously Thought

GM Reportedly Pondering Making Electric Corvette Crossover

Volkswagen: Winter Isn't A Worry For Modern EVs Like The ID.4

Tesla Reportedly Clearing Out Model S & X Inventory Ahead Of Refresh

Sandy Munro Meets The 2021 Tesla Model 3: Check Out His Impressions

Citroen Announces e-Berlingo Van With 50 kWh Battery

BrightDrop EV600 Van Becomes A Zero-Emissions RV... In PhotoShop

China: SAIC Introduces Zhiji Motor's IM EV

NTSB Thinks EV Emergency Response Guides Do Not Help Fight EV Fires

In 2020, Volkswagen Group Sold 422,100 Plug-In Electric Cars

Tesla Model Y Standard Range Compared To Model Y Long Range & Other EVs

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Is Britain's Best-Selling Plug-In Hybrid SUV Again

Is Tesla Migrating From Programming Logic To Neural Net For Self-Driving?

Tesla Model Y NHTSA 5-Star Crash Test Results: Lowest SUV Rollover Risk Ever

Tesla May Finally Address Quality Control, With An Automated Camera

Tesla Vehicle Safety Report For Q4 2020: A Periodical Decline?

NHTSA Requests Tesla To Recall All 159,000 Model S, X Units With MCUv1

Renaulution Wants To Turn Renault Into A Tesla Born In Europe

Check Out What 7 EVs would Look Like If They Were Designed In The 1960s

Geely And Foxconn Team Up To Produce EVs For Other Companies

Volkswagen Fights Off Electric Car Anxieties: Range, Trips, Winter, Heat & More

Nio May Bring A New Company To The Solid-State Stage: Solid State Lion

GM Teases More Electric Cars And Buick's Signature Lighting For EVs

Has Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta Improved Dramatically Since Launch?

More Than 200,000 New EVs Will Be Sold In The UK This Year

BMW Group Plug-In Electric Car Sales: 192,646 In 2020

In 2020, Volkswagen Brand Sold More Than 212,000 Plug-In Electric Cars

In 2020 Audi Sold Over 47,000 e-tron All-Electric Cars

Xpeng Pads War Chest With $2 Billion Line Of Credit

Porsche Taycan Sales Exceed 20,000 In 2020

Ford Closing Factories In Brazil Is Connected To The EV Revolution

BrightDrop Will Bring Electric Delivery To FedEx In 2021

GM Releases New Teaser Video & Images Of Upcoming Cadillac Celestiq

An Up-Close Look At Tesla's 4680 Battery Cell Production

Ford Mustang Mach-E Wins NACOTY’s Best Utility Vehicle Award

Lucid Motors Reportedly Discussing Going Public Via SPAC

Sony Sheds More Light On Vision-S, Begins Testing It On Austrian Public Roads

Lightning eMotors Receives Order For 200 EVs From ABC Companies

Zap-Map: Tesla, InstaVolt And Osprey Are The Top UK Charging Networks

Tesla Board Member Welcomes GM: 'Healthy Competition' To Speed Adoption

Sweden: Record Market Share Of Plug-In Electric Cars (49%) In December 2020

Tesla Reportedly Seeking Design Chief For Upcoming China-Made Models

Sono Sion Solar-Assisted EV Prototype Will Debut At CES 2021

Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector Review and Recommendations

Check Out The Mercedes-Benz EQB Testing At Nürburgring Nordschleife

Highest Power Tesla Solar Roof Gets Deployed In Florida

Baidu Turns To Geely To Help It Create Its Own Electric Car

Renault 4 And 5 (LeCar) Reportedly Being Revived As Retro EVs

China Builds The World's Largest Electric Cruise Ship

Ram Pickup Truck Claims It's A Toyota Prius: Plugs Exhaust Into Tesla Supercharger

Tesla Is Voltage Capping Panasonic Battery Packs To Match LG's

Xpeng Clarifies G3 Crash Test In China, European Version Performs Well

NIO Moves Closer To Fully Autonomous Driving Capability With New ET7 Sedan

NIO Announces 150 kWh Solid-State Batteries For 2022

NIO Reveals Stunning ET7 Flagship Sedan

UK: Plug-In Electric Car Sales Tripled In December 2020

Explosion Rocks CATL Battery Plant In China

Coasting Or Regenerating? For The VW ID.4, The First Is More Efficient

General Motors Launches 'Everybody In' EV Campaign

Tesla Supercharger Network Charging Cost: $70 From New York To Florida

Mercedes-Benz Tripled Plug-In Electric Car Sales In 2020

Mini Cooper Electric Averages Under 100 Miles Of Range: Long-Term Study

US: Nissan LEAF Sales Were Decent In Q4, But 2020 Was Its Worst Year Ever

Apple EV At Least 5 Years Away Even With New Ex-Tesla Executives

GM Allegedly Has A Plan To Beat Tesla: Should It Get In Line Behind VW?

How Many Electric Cars Are Built / Sold Each Minute By Brand?

This Is How The VW ID.3 Avoids 12V Battery Issues With The 0783 Update

Let's Check Out The Renault ZOE DC Fast Charging Capabilities

US: Chevrolet Doubled Bolt EV Sales In Q4 2020

Here Is What The End Of Gas And Diesel Cars Might Look Like

Official Kandi K27 EPA Range: 59 Miles

Mazda MX-30 With Rotary Engine Will Show The U.S. How A PHEV Should Be

This Twitter Thread Analyzes Tesla's Weird Technical Service Bulletins

Artist Gives The Tesla Model S A Much Needed Exterior And Interior Makeover

President Of Panasonic Talks Tesla 4680 Battery Cell Production

Ford Explorer Plug-In Hybrid Autobahn Top Speed Test

The Median Range Of Fully Electric Vehicles Exceeded 250 Miles In 2020

Will The Upcoming Hyundai Ioniq 6 Electric Sedan Look Like This?

Tesla Model Y Made In China Has 29.4% Gross Margin Per Analysts

Volkswagen Produces More ID.4 1st Edition SUVs For The U.S. Market

China: Wuling Hong Guang MINI EV Amazes With 35,000+ Sales In December

Patent Images Reveal Nio's Sedan Challenger To The Tesla Model S: ET7

Spontaneous Glass-Shattering Issue Now Strikes A 2021 Tesla Model 3

Tesla Publishes Updated Supercharger Map With Future Stations, Timelines

Survey Reveals Electric Car Owners Almost Never Go Back To Gas

Norway: Massive EV Sales Record In December, Tesla Model 3 Beats VW ID.3

UBS Analysts: Automakers' Cautious Compliance EVs Will Continue To Fail

Forbes Transportation Awards: Lucid, NIO, Musk Win - Trevor Milton Loses

Autobild Test Reveals PHEVs Have Much Higher Emissions Than Advertised

Jim Glickenhaus Dares Musk To Prove Electric Cybertruck Is Superior To Fuel Cell

Bentley Presents New Bentayga Hybrid (PHEV)

Tesla China's Dedicated R&D Center Suggests $25K Car Will Become Reality

Rich Rebuilds Tesla Model S V8 Project Shows LS3 Fits Under The Frunk

Our Spies Spot Upcoming BMW i4M Again, This Time On Skinny Tires

Tesla Enters Into New Battery Cell Pricing Deal With Panasonic

Byton Is Foxconn's First Client In Electric Car Production Business

Tesla 4680 Battery Pack Design Update: Detailed Engineering Analysis

Owners Of New 2021 Tesla Model 3, Model Y Experiencing Major Heater Problems

Tesla Model S Plaid Prototype Spotted Bearing Telltale Modifications

2021 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus Cold Weather Range Test

Xpeng Partners With Livox For Lidar In 2021 Vehicles

Testing Tesla Model Y City Street Efficiency In The Rain

Tesla Production And Deliveries Graphed Through Q4 2020

Tesla Delivers Record-Setting 180,570 Model 3, Y, S & X Globally In Q4

Volkswagen's EV Triplets: DC Fast Charging Capabilities Tested

Global Plug-In Car Sales November 2020: Huge New Record 400,000+

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