We have already told you Rich Benoit decided to recycle one of his Model S in an unusual way. Instead of selling its components or turning everything into raw materials, he will put a V8 in the Tesla. Apart from getting the car to run again, he will also turn the two other Model S units in this upside-down EV conversion back into aluminum and other stuff. In his latest video, he showed the V8 fits under the frunk, something many doubted.

If that was not enough to tease Tesla supporters, Benoit also created a device for the ones sending him messages wishing that he dies of dysentery, runs head-first into traffic, or falls into a pre-dug grave. It was made with the Model S steering column levers, and the youtuber calls it the Tesla fidget toy. Be careful with this recycling product: it is NSFW.


Apart from the reasons Benoit already presented to do his V8 Model S, we will keep following this project because of the engineering challenges it presents. Instead of adapting a vehicle conceived to have a combustion engine into an EV, it is the other way around. 

Nobody we know has tried to do this before because it is difficult to put an engine in something conceived to be an EV from the ground up. Most people now want their cars to be electric. Not Benoit: he wants to be able to run his cars for long distances and without much trouble about upgrades or repairs. As Tesla did not help him get there, he asked GM for help, so to speak.


The youtuber will have to recreate the Model S structure so that it can cope with the V8. One of the first steps – visible in this video – was cutting the Model S structure to make room for the transmission and the driveshaft to power the rear wheels.

This is why Benoit has introduced us to Joshua, the fabricator responsible for putting this car together. Although they are making fun of him learning how to weld in a Monster’s Garage manual, we are sure he knows a thing or two about building a car. Fabrication is the name of this game, something the youtuber introduced with the Tesla fidget toy.

As metaphoric as this is, some will be disgusted, some will get a good laugh, and most will learn a lot with the process, even if nobody else ever tries to repeat it. It will show how hard it is to design and develop a car, whatever powers it.

Source: Rich Rebuilds

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