Anyone that thought the Tesla Model S conversion into a combustion-engined car was just a prank being pulled by Rich Benoit will get shocked to see it has a clutch pedal already in place. Or the issue that the six-speed manual gearbox will have by being too close to the the car still has.

Shifting gears aggressively in a track would make the driver punch the computer multiple times. If it has failed already, that will just make the V8 Model S a private rage room. If it is still working, it will make its inevitable demise accelerate. Not as fast as an electric Model S would, for sure, but as persistently as a V8 keeps going with a filled-up gas tank.

Rich Rebuilds Model S V8 Project Shows The LS3 Fits Under The Frunk

Talking about it, this is one of the issues the converted Model S still has before moving forward. Where will Benoit and Joshua place this fuel tank? Where will the filler neck be placed, under the charging port? Will it open automatically when a gas nozzle approaches?

Joking aside, Benoit and his team will also have to figure out where they will place the radiators for the V8, the exhaust pipes, and even the brake lines. Remember that this is the first car conceived to be electric ever to be put for sale, making it fundamentally different from all others. Putting a V8 underneath its frunk is not like an engine swap, for example.

In this video, Benoit also took out the wire harnesses from the donor Model S to put them in the V8 vehicle. The youtuber plans to use the electronic modules of the Model S in it, but it may make more sense to use everything from GM and adapt the few things that are inherent to the Model S to work in some other way. Either that or a top hacker is helping to reprogram the Model S computers to work with a V8 engine.

At this point, the main question is if this “recycled” Model S will work and if it will be street legal. In case it is, Benoit may want to sell his RS7 and drive to events and across the US in a quite original conversion job. A car rebuilt by himself on YouTube, as Delores used to be before Tesla cut Supercharging from it. As a reader suggested, the V8 may even get a supercharger – the kind that Tesla would not be able to forbid.

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