After Greg Kable tweeted about Project Trinity, one of its aspects called our attention immediately. It was the part about a “radically new production approach.” , especially at Giga Berlin. Foxconn already said it would also have mega castings for its MIH Open Platform. Would Volkswagen be pursuing something similar? A recent tweet from Herbert Diess tells us that’s not unlikely.

The Volkswagen Group CEO started his Twitter account on January 20, 2021. He even teased Elon Musk about being the EV leader in some European countries. This new tweet also referred to Tesla, even if in a more subtle way.


As you can see, Diess mentioned to the NEO project that gave birth to the MEB platform and the ID family and put Project Trinity at a higher level. According to the executive, it will “revolutionize Volkswagen.”

Sadly, the company has not provided any official explanation about that. All that there is about Project Trinity came from Kable and an article at Autocar that said Wolfsburg would be "the pioneering factory for the highly automated manufacture of electric vehicles." The image we used above was taken from Kable’s tweet. Although it is official, it is not available on any Volkswagen website.

We have already told you that Diess wants to produce a car in about 10 hours, something Elon Musk already said he wanted as well. If any of them achieves that, it will cut car manufacturing times in half. Project Trinity’s “highly automated” execution matches that goal. The question is how Volkswagen plans to do that.

The mega castings are Tesla’s solution to simplify production. With three main structural parts – the battery pack being one of them – cars should take a lot less time to manufacture. Musk promised the Model Y made at Giga Berlin would already have that sort of structure. If you did not connect the dots, the Gigafactory 4 is located at Grünheide.

Let’s wait for Volkswagen to share more information about Project Trinity. Audi told us more about the Artemis Project. If it is so important for the group’s CEO to mention it on Twitter, Trinity probably deserves more outlets to have access to what it proposes to do.

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