Cadillac wants to launch no fewer than six fully-electric vehicles by 2025 and the Celestiq luxury sedan is expected to be the very last one of those to debut. And as this article on Cadillac Society rightfully points out, you’d therefore expect the Celestiq to go on sale around the same year when it will be shown.

However, the same article also points out that the Celestiq may, in fact, debut quite a bit earlier than first anticipated. It looks like Cadillac is rushing to get its range of EVs on the market as soon as possible - the first of these to debut, the Lyriq crossover, for instance, was expected to debut in late 2022, but it will now apparently go on sale nine months earlier, in the first quarter of next year.

Gallery: Cadillac Celestiq Teasers

Based on this information, the Cadillac-centric outlet predicts that we will see the range-topping Celestiq one, maybe even two years earlier than anticipated. Yes, that’s right, it means we could see it make its debut as early as 2023, maybe 2024.

If this proves accurate, then Cadillac won’t have to wait until 2025 for half of its model roster to be comprised of pure-electric vehicles. Aside from the Lyric and Celestiq, there will be two more high-riding crossovers, the Optiq and Symboliq, plus a big SUV, the electric equivalent of the Escalade (it will have a different name, but we don’t know what it’s going to be).

Cadillac clearly doesn’t want to be left behind other luxury automakers. The Germans are already one step ahead and are on the verge of launching several very competent fully-electric models this year and in 2022. GM’s luxury arm will still be one or two years behind, but if it waits until 2025 to have all these EVs in its range, by that time the others will have already established themselves with Cadillac struggling to catch up.

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