YouTube channel What Drives You went a different direction than the "norm" when it comes to range and efficiency testing. It tested the Tesla Model Y on city streets in the winter in the rain.

At InsideEVs, we know how important electric car range is to most people. This is why we started our standard 70 mph range test. However, while some people are most concerned with exactly how far their car may be able to travel, others want more specific information about how a particular EV's range and efficiency are impacted by various factors.

The 70 mph range test is helpful since it provides sort of a worst-case scenario. If you know how far your car might travel on road trips, you shouldn't have to be too concerned about its range in local driving. However, once you factor in variables related to traffic, road conditions, driving style, and weather, your car's efficiency will fluctuate.

Not everyone uses their EV for long highway commutes or road trips, which also means they may not rely much on public fast charging. In fact, many electric car owners will tell you that most of their driving is local, and most of their charging is done at home. While the EPA's estimated range can help you get an idea of how far an EV might travel, you can't rely on it. In order to learn how efficient your car is, and estimate how much range to expect, you have to drive it in situations and conditions that are consistent with your typical situation.

It's important to note that even though this Model Y range test was performed at Christmas time, it's not really a cold-weather test, but rather a test on wet roads. The temperature is around 50 Fahrenheit.

Check out the video to learn all about the results. Then, scroll down and share your EV wisdom with us in the comment section below.

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