At InsideEVs, we'll be honest to say we have a thing for families who share videos about EV road trips. We especially love the footage of electric cars towing, camping trips, and most of all, seeing gorgeous parts of the U.S. (or the world) that we've never seen before.

We've shared a few videos with you from YouTube channel The Electric Roadtrip. Not to be confused with All Electric Family (they own and tow with a Tesla Model X), The Electric Roadtrip has a Model Y and a camper that they tow as they travel around the United States.

This family has taken the combination on several long road trips. Clearly, they love the traveling, the sights, the family time, etc. They are also happy overall with the Model Y's range, charging, space, and towing. However, they're willing to admit that things aren't always perfect.

Katie, the mom of the family, and the focal point in most of the videos, has sort of a love/hate relationship with these Tesla Model Y road trips. However, it's only really due to the sometimes lengthy Supercharging stops. At times, it's nice to stop for a while, take a load off, have a meal, and take in the beautiful sights. However, chilling in a concrete jungle, in some store parking lot, for an hour or more at times, can take a toll after several 1,000+ mile journeys.

Nonetheless, The Electric Roadtrip continues its fascinating excursions and shares them with the world. If all you get out of the videos is some range, charging, and EV road trip advice, along with a better concept of the future of electric vehicles, then they've succeeded in their efforts. However, we give them huge Kudos for sharing the incredible experience, and most of all, the breathtaking scenery.

Check out the video for some spectacular views. Then, share your EV road trip experiences with the community in our comment section below.

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