Last week, we shared good news from our friends over at All Electric Family. This was because they had an opportunity to pull an Airstream with their Tesla Model X, and the results were impressive, at least compared to the range numbers they were getting pulling the small Apex camper.

The first video was actually the first time they ever towed an Airstream, and it focused on the results, as well as what they learned during their trip in one direction. This recent video covers their return trip, which, interestingly, proved to be a different experience.

Was it a "good" different or a "bad" different? That's a solid question since we've learned that there are so many variables the impact EV range, including temperature, wind, traffic, etc. All Electric Family doesn't give us an immediate impression about whether the results were better or worse, they simply write "different." However, it seems the thumbnail for the video is a spoiler.

The short of it is they achieved 177 miles of range towing the Airstream, and consumption was at 498Wh/mi. With the Apex Nano, they were averaging 108 miles of range and consumption at 800Wh/mi. On the first Airstream trip, they recorded about 50 more miles of range than the Apex, so this second result of ~70 more miles is happy news.

Keep in mind, they rented the 2018 22-Foot Airstream Bambi and have only taken this single trip with the travel trailer and they already have mixed results. However, it's smart to test it this way so they can compile their data and decide if perhaps they should be serious about investing in an Airstream going forward. 

Check out the video to learn about all the details. As always, we'd love to know your thoughts about the video. In addition, share your electric car towing stories with us in the comment section below. Is towing something that's going to hold back EV adoption? Will the upcoming all-electric pickup trucks prove that EVs are the future of hauling? What advice do you have for All Electric Family?

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