Our own Kyle Conner (Out of Spec Motoring) recently returned from an epic Tesla Model 3 U.S. road trip that lasted over a month. Most of the trip was spent camping and exploring national parks, famous sights, and remote areas. However, while he was traveling, he met up with 'All Electric Family' to chat and tour their Tesla towing setup.

All Electric Family, formerly Trail Less Traveled, made the switch from gas to electric power. It has been interesting for them since they used to pull a large travel trailer with a gas pickup truck, but now they're towing a smaller camper with a Tesla Model X Long Range Plus. Needless to say, range and charging have become a topic of interest for them, and we're certainly interested as well.

When we learned Kyle and his girlfriend Alyssa would be driving their Tesla Model 3 near the family's home, we suggested a meetup. Fortunately, Kyle was able to connect with them in Nebraska. In fact, they ended up camping right beside one another.

Kyle chats with the family, checks out their towing setup, and tours their Apex. He talks about the whole towing situation, the setup itself, charging, and everything else you might need to know if you plan on towing and camping with a Tesla vehicle.

All Electric Family admits that its Model X loses some 60 percent or so of its range while towing the camper. They tend to get about 100 to 130 miles per charge. However, they recently towed an Airstream (see below) and they were very happy with the results. Hopefully, they're able to make the camper swap. More on that towing trip coming soon.

In the meantime, check out the video above, enjoy, and then leave us your insight in the comment section below.

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