The latest Tesla Model X Performance (Raven version) highly impressed Autogefühl's Thomas Majchrzak, who noticed tons of improvements over previous versions from a few years ago.

The car was basically upgraded in every aspect, and importantly, not only in the EV-related things like power, range and efficiency, but also in general.

According to the review, Tesla has massively improved the noise insulation, which is felt especially at high speeds (previously driving on a highway could be annoying).

The build quality is noticeably better (not ideal though) and Falcon Wing door software works without problems.

The adaptive air suspension is great, steering is quite good so the overall driving experience is now way better.

All those things, and more listed in the review, makes the current Tesla Model X, the best Model X ever. This is also not a surprise because Tesla is known for constant improvements of its cars.

The conclusion is also that Tesla closed the gap to established car manufacturers by improving weak points, while maintaining its advantage in terms of range, power and efficiency.

The future of Model X will be quite interesting, as, on the other hand, established manufacturers are improving their range, power and efficiency as well as overall EV tech, infotainment, software and charging.

We are eager to see the Tesla Model X (and Model S) sales results this year to see how consumers react to the latest Raven versions.

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