Our All Electric Family friends aren't exactly towing with their Tesla Model X this time, but they do have a loaded bike rack in tow. As we previously reported, they picked up some electric bikes, and they're looking for a good rack for them. In the meantime, they wanted to get some idea of how much range they'll lose while hauling a rack and bikes.

When it comes to gas cars, most people probably don't even think much about how much range they'll lose under such circumstances. It's likely they don't consider the extra money they'll spend on gas either, unless, of course, they're towing a huge load and need to fill up frequently. Even then, while it's going to cost more money, it's not going to be much of an inconvenience since there are gas stations everywhere, and gassing up is fast.

With electric cars, the range reduction is more of an issue, especially if your EV already has subpar range and/or you live or are traveling in an area with limited access to public fast charging. This I more of a concern if you're on a longer road trip, since it could mean multiple extra charging stops. Fortunately, Tesla's Supercharger network covers many areas across the globe and allows Tesla owners to charge rapidly.

All Electric Family sets up on a road trip from their home in Lincoln, Nebraska down to Kansas City. It's about 200 miles and should take 3 hours or so. There's no reason the Model X shouldn't make it one way without having to stop for a charge, even with the bike rack. Check out the video to learn how it all works out.

Stay tuned for more All Electric Family content. Soon, they'll be towing an old 1919 Dodge from Kansas city to Lincoln. As always, scroll down and leave us a comment.

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