Tesla Model X owner Marc Benton just took delivery of his Model Y. He's already received plenty of questions about the two vehicles and how they compare, so he decided to answer them collectively, in the form of a video.

Most reviews of the Tesla Model Y have come from Model 3 owners or people who have driven and reviewed the Model 3. This makes sense since many people own a Model 3. In addition, the Model Y is similar to the Model 3 in many ways. Moreover, while the Model 3 is Tesla's "electric sedan for the masses," the Model Y is its crossover counterpart.

When the Model 3 sedan first came to market, it was immediately compared to the Tesla Model S sedan. This was because people who owned a Model S or were interested in one would likely set their sights on the Model 3. The Model Y crossover is essentially the Model X crossover's smaller sibling, so it just makes sense to compare the two.

Check out Benton's opinion about Tesla's two crossovers. Then, scroll down and share your opinion with us in the comment section.

Video Description via Marc Benton on YouTube:

TESLA MODEL Y VS. MODEL X... An Opinion From Someone Who Owns BOTH!

I have received a lot of questions asking my opinion on the Model X and the Model Y since we took delivery of our Model Y. So here are my thoughts on both vehicles. I know I probably left a lot of info our but I did try to hit the most important things and the questions that I get asked the most.

I hope you enjoy!

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