Let's see if the Tesla Model Y is as roomy in the rear seats as we've been led to believe. More spacious back there than a Model 3? Bigger in the rear than a Model X? Lots of questions and lucky for us, this video provides us with answers.

Aside from its cavernous rear cargo area, most potential Model Y buyers who are considering over the Model 3 are doing so because of the expectation of more room in the rear seating area (and/or the arrival of the 7-seat Model Y, but that's not the focus here).

You'd expect a crossover shaped like the Model Y to afford at least more headroom in the rear than the Model 3, but does it also offer more legroom and better overall accommodations? This video provides us with answers to that and it also presents Tesla's bigger SUV, the Model X, so we can compare the Y to that too.

In case you'd rather not watch the video, below we've compiled some screenshots showing the rear of the Model Y, Model 3 and Model X. Take a look at the gallery and let us know in comments your thoughts on the rear seating area of the Y.

Gallery: Tesla Seats Compared

Having trouble determining which car is which? The black interior is the Model Y. The white interior shots are Model 3 and Model X, though the majority are of the 3 and it's quite easy to pick out the shots of the X, as it's the one with substantially more headroom out of the two white interior cars.

Video description via i1Tesla on YouTube:

Took the Model X, Model Y and Model 3 and sat inside to see the size difference. Model Y is the best family car Tesla makes.

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