This detailed comparison and charts show how Tesla has changed the Model X over the years.

Tesla doesn't completely redesign its models or officially refresh them. CEO Elon Musk has actually insisted on this even though vehicles like the Model S underwent a facelift and the Model S and Model X are now available as new "Raven" models.

With the said, Tesla's vehicles are changing on an almost constant basis due to over-the-air software updates and periodic hardware upgrades. The Model X came to market in September of 2015 and has changed significantly since its release. While it doesn't look much different, it's a different car in a number of ways.

YouTube Cleanerwatt has become one of our new favorites when it comes to vehicle comparisons since he does a ton of research and makes useful charts to provide the data. We've included the graphics from the video in the gallery below.

Gallery: 2016 Vs 2020 Tesla Model X

Video Description via Cleanerwatt on YouTube:

2016 vs 2020 Tesla Model X: How Much Has the Tesla Model X Improved Since 2016?

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