These new images show just how much bigger the Tesla Model Y is than the Model 3. In fact, in terms of height, the Y is much closer to the Model X than to the 3.

Thanks to Twitter user Jay Yu, we now have quite possibly our best look yet at the size differences between Tesla's 4 vehicles. Yu spotted a Tesla Model Y in a parking lot and snapped a picture of himself just an inch away from the car.


He then set out to find other Tesla and to take similar pictures with him in the frame. The end result is a collection of photos featuring Yu who's 5 foot 7 inches tall and the various Tesla vehicles, but what's most important right now with Model Y deliveries right around the corner, is the size of the Y. Tesla has not released this information yet, but these images really help to see the Y's size relative to the Model 3, Model X and even the Model S.


Yu started taking requests to compare the Model Y to other vehicles and that's when he hunted down a Model S:


The takeaways from the images is that the Model Y is much taller than the Model 3. The Model Y's height seems very close to that of the Model X. Length is a bit hard to judge from the images, but the Y seems about the same length (or shorter) as the 3 and is far shorter than the X and the S.

First deliveries of the Model Y are expected on March 15, which is now just 2 weeks away. Model Ys have been spotted in volume outside of Tesla's Fremont factory awaiting delivery.

Grab a look at all of the images and let us know your takeaways on size in comments.

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