See how the Tesla Model Y measures up against the Tesla Model 3 in this nifty video that features both of the cars in the frame. The Model Y seems tall but short. Perhaps this is why its proportions appear to differ from other common crossovers.

We're quickly learning more and more about the Model Y these days. That's likely because deliveries are just around the corner (by the end of Q1 2020). Yesterday, we revealed that the Tesla Model Y Performance got its official EPA range rating of 315 miles. This secured the Model Y's claim of being the world's most-efficient SUV.

However, there's still some unknown in regards to the Model Y it seems. For starters, Tesla has yet to reveal the dimensions of the car. We know from some in-the-field first-hand sightings of the Model Y that it measures about 65 inches tall, which is about 8 inches taller than the Model 3. The remaining dimensions, like length and width, still remain unknown.

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Fortunately, this video visualizer may provided us with some additional clues as to the actual size of the Model Y. If you look at the video, you'll notice that the Y is considerably taller than the Model 3. However, it also appears as though the Y is a couple inches shorter than the Model 3. The Model 3 measures 184.8 inches long and 72.8 inches wide. Some estimates are putting the Model Y at about 181 inches, which seems on the small side to fit three rows of seats.

Grab a look at the table below for a comparison between the Model Y and some other cars in a similar size class:


Video description via BLOVE on YouTube:

Side by side comparison of the Tesla Model Y and the Tesla Model 3.



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