The EPA has just released official range figures for the Tesla Model Y. The Performance variant gets an impressive 315-mile rating.

Currently, the EPA doesn't list which wheel size it posted results for in regards to the Model Y, but we're guessing it's the smaller 19-inch choice (we'll point out that the Performance variant lists 21-inch wheels as standard, but in the build process it only shows 19-inch wheel) due to the how the 315-mile figure compares to the various wheel options found on the Model 3 Performance.


Below is a screenshot showing the Model Y Performance compared to the Model 3 Performance with wheel options ranging from 18 to 20 inches.


Additionally, the EPA has the breakdown for the Model Y's range in city/highway/combined format. Here are those numbers:

Tesla Model Y Performance AWD (wheel size unknown, but 19-inch is our guess)

  • City: 334 miles
  • Highway: 291 miles
  • Combined: 315 miles

We should note that the EPA says that the combined range was voluntarily lowered from 316 miles. This practice seems quite common on most Tesla vehicles.

How does this compare to the breakdown for the Model 3 Performance? Let's have a look:

As a comparison:

Model 3 Performance AWD 18-inch wheels

  • City: 332.2
  • Highway: 319.2    
  • Combined: 322

Combined range voluntarily lowered from 332 miles   

Model 3 Performance AWD 19-inch wheels

  • City: 312.1
  • Highway: 294.4
  • Combined: 304

Model 3 Performance AWD 20-inch wheels

City: 312.1 

Highway: 283.3   

Combined: 299    

As Tesla is quick to point out, the Model Y is the world's most efficient SUV. It presented this graphic to show how the Model Y compares to other efficient crossovers and SUVs:


First deliveries of the Model Y are set to occur before the end of Q1 2020, so the end of March then at the latest.

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