Ben Sullins has owned his Tesla Model X for a year now. He talks about the overall ownership experience, as well as the all-electric crossover's pros and cons to help you decide if you should consider buying one.

As far as Sullins is concerned, while the Model X may be the "Fabergé egg of automobiles" for some reasons, it's just not a good value proposition.

Ben Sullins is a self-proclaimed Tesla fan through and through. He's owned a Model 3, Model S, and Model X, and he has a reservation for a Model Y. To top it off, he won a second-gen Tesla Roadster.

Sullins' YouTube channel is called Teslanomics. While he originally set out to cover the financial side of owning a Tesla, he has branched out with a variety of content. Early on, it may have been safe to say most of Sullins' Tesla coverage was Tesla-positive. However, in videos like this, he's willing to be honest about the fact that there are issues that make the Model X an unwise choice.

Check out what Sullins has to share. Then, let us know what you think of the Model X. Do you own one? Do you love it? Would you buy it over again?

Video Description via Teslanomics with Ben Sullins on YouTube:

Tesla Model X After 1 Year - Would I Buy Again?

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