Depending on how you look at it, this towing trip was either a really good day for our friends over at All Electric Family, or a really bad day. We say that because they learned that an Airstream is the answer to their Tesla Model X towing dreams. They'll be able to travel more and further, enjoy better efficiency, and charge less often. The bad news here is they previously invested in the wrong camper.

All Electric Family used to be called Trail Less Traveled. They had a YouTube channel that followed their family camping travels around the States. In the old days – not that long ago, actually – they pulled a large travel trailer with a gas-powered pickup truck. Their dream was to buy a Tesla Model X and transition their road trips to "all electric."

The family made their dream come true by buying a new Tesla Model X Long Range Plus and settling for a smaller, lighter APEX camper. The situation worked out okay, but the Tesla was definitely taking a huge range hit. While they never complained, their travels were extended, they had to take longer routes to make sure they had access to charging infrastructure, not to mention the Apex is cramped compared to their Grand Design Reflection bunkhouse travel trailer. To be honest, we worried they may eventually switch back, or worse, sell the Model X.

Fast-forward to the present, and they decided to rent an Airstream. According to the company, its campers are 20 percent more efficient than rivals. This makes sense since we always say it's not so much about the weight, but instead about aerodynamics.

They rented a 2018 Bambi 22' to find out. As it turns out, the Airstream performed even better than expected. It proved to be 27 percent more efficient than their Apex. They were able to go about 50 more miles before having to charge.

Looks like this family will be selling the Apex and getting in the market for an Airstream. Check out the video for all the details. Then, share your EV towing stories with us in the comment section below.

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