We've been waiting for this camping trip ever since our friends over at the Trail Less Traveled All Electric Family took delivery of their Tesla Model X and new 5,000-pound camper. However, their first towing trips were an exercise in range testing, as well as a learning experience. Then, their Tesla got hit and ended up in the shop.

This marks the All Electric Family's first long road trip with the Model X towing the camper. The trip takes them from their home near Lincoln, Nebraska to Black Hills, South Dakota, though they have planned pit stops at multiple Supercharger stations along the way. They point out that Tesla has been planning a Supercharger install in Black Hills for years, but it has yet to happen.

The first leg totals over 128 miles. It takes them just under 3 hours. They arrive with about a 12 percent state of charge, which is much better than they expected. However, they have to unhook the Model X from the camper to charge.

The family take us on the road trip with them (virtually, of course) and documents each of their charging stops. There's information provided about the number of miles traveled and the battery state of charge. All-in-all, they had to stop six times over the 600-mile trip. However, there was also an extra overnight stay involved. They shared:

"The first leg of the trip only takes us from Lincoln, NE to South Sioux City, NE because there is no Supercharger in Sioux City and we can't make it from the Council Bluffs/Omaha Super Charger to the Sioux Falls Supercharger in a single charge when we're towing. We had to stay overnight at a campground to charge up to make it to Sioux Falls."

Is this doable? Would you deal with all the charging stops? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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