Siemens introduces a new Sicharge D fast charger, marketing it as one of the most efficient DC charger on the market. The rated efficiency is 95.5%, but at peak, it's 96%.

The Sicharge D is modular and upgradable, with several power outputs - 160 kW, 180 kW, 240 kW and 300 kW. The cool thing about it is the dynamic power allocation between the two DC outputs (plus an optional AC output).

For those who need more outlets, there is an option to connect two additional external dispensers for a total of four DC plugs. Sounds great from a cost perspective, especially since rarely all stalls are used simultaneously.

Siemens Sicharge D
Siemens Sicharge D

The Sicharge D can handle voltage from 150 V up to 1,000 V, which makes the charger suitable for the 800 V (nominal) battery systems. The maximum current output is 1,000 A.

The modular approach means that we might see the higher-power versions on the highways and the lower-power versions in urban areas.

Siemens Sicharge D specs (enlarge)

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