It seems Forbes' Transporation Awards are getting quite the attention this week. Why so much talk? Not surprisingly, upon Forbes' pick of the Lucid Air for "Best Product," some Tesla owners and fans poked plenty of fun. It was like a repeat of some Tesla fans' feelings about the recent AutoTech Breakthrough Awards (linked below).


This is typical of some people in the Tesla community. When other automakers or companies announce EVs, there's a group of Tesla fans that makes sure to shoot them down. They're always upset whenever Tesla doesn't win, and they look at it as a competition where only Tesla can succeed, while any other companies making EVs deserve to be disparaged. In many cases, these Tesla fans are right and the products fail. However, that's not always the case.

Even though the Lucid Air isn't yet available, the company has gone to great lengths to promote the upcoming electric car, as well as prove its incredible prowess. As Forbes points out, "The Lucid Air Promises To Outperform Tesla’s Best."

In a similar slice of history, Tesla folks doubted Nikola, and more specifically, its CEO Trevor Milton. It turns out they were right. Interestingly, Milton also received a Forbes Transportation Award. It's entitled "Annus Horribilis." Forbes explains:

"Trevor Milton became a billionaire when Nikola, his hydrogen truck startup, went public in 2020. He won major industrial partnerships for his Phoenix-based company, but his nonstop boasting and claims about Nikola’s technology were his undoing."

The Forbes story has a handful of other awards as well. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is named Forbes' Person of the Year in Transportation. Hyundai gets an overall "Outstanding Firm" award, NIO's William Li is called "Most Intriguing Newcomer," and Arrival's Dennis Sverdluv is named "Disruptive Innovator" by Forbes.

Forbes also speculates that the "Hydrogen Age" has begun, which is yet another statement that sends Tesla supporters into battle. Forbes writes:

"While long derided by Elon Musk as an inefficient clean-energy choice, hydrogen is poised to make a big impact as a power source for heavy-duty vehicles and energy storage in 2021 and beyond."

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