People were so entertained with the steering yoke on the refreshed Model S and Model X that they probably did not know both cars now also present a heat pump. First offered in the Tesla Model Y, this component aims to offer higher energy efficiency in electric vehicles during the winter. The 2021 Tesla Model 3 already presents one, making the entire Tesla lineup for offering it.

As it has happened with the Tesla Model 3, it is possible that the frunk on the Model S and the Model X was slightly reduced to give room to the Super Manifold – previously known as Octovalve – and the heat pump for which it was conceived.

Model Y octovalve

Tesla will probably share more information about how the electric sedan and the SUV got more efficient with the novelty. If there were an EPA number for electric cars in cold weather, Tesla would most certainly update it to show the “better winter range” it expects these cars to have from now on.

At the Q4 2020 earnings call. Zach Kirkhorn, Tesla’s CFO, mention the heat pump only for the 2021 Model 3. The changes at Fremont would have impacted the automotive gross margin in Q4 2020. It was Elon Musk that said that Tesla “introduced the heat pump to all of our vehicles.”

Another important news Musk and Kirkhorn added to the heat pump was about the single-piece castings for the Model Y – like that, in the plural. Either the executives were referring to all the rear single-piece castings that are now in production in Fremont, or the front single-piece casting is also ready. We were expecting to see that only at Giga Berlin.

This could be a good reason for Sandy Munro to buy another Tesla Model Y for a new teardown. We know that will not happen unless someone hires Munro & Associates to learn more about these mega castings, but the engineer must be really tempted to do so. After all, he has suggested this sort of structure for years, and only Tesla bought the idea. It must feel really good to see the most valuable car company in the world adopt your ideas.

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