In 2020, electric bus sales in China amounted to roughly 61,000 and were noticeably lower than in 2019 in most segments (lengths).

According to the data, provided by Moneyball, the largest EV bus manufacturer is still Yutong, with a significant advantage over BYD (more known outside of China) and other companies.

Top five electric bus manufacturers in China:

  • Yutong - 15,940 (down 26.6% year-over-year), including 3,301 in December
  • BYD - 9,025 (up 44.5% year-over-year), including 1,004 in December
  • CRRC - 5,503 (down 17.4% year-over-year), including 1,534 in December
  • Zhongtong - 4,965 (down 38.9% year-over-year), including 759 in December
  • Suzhou King Long - 3,636 (up 10.4% year-over-year), including 808 in December

The numbers are so high that basically all of those companies can overshadow the rest of the world by volume. We would be happy to see 1,000+ overall sales in Europe and 1,000+ in North America.

Yutong reports that in 2020 its total sales amounted to 41,756 (compared to 70,000 in best years) so EVs were responsible for 38%. Cumulatively, the company has sold over 130,000 electric buses.

One of the largest orders outside China for Yutong comes from Qatar, which ordered 1,002 buses including 741 electric.


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