A possible refreshed Tesla Model S has been spied at the Fremont factory. This Model S looks meaner than the current car and it's surely a head-turner too.

It's too soon to say if this is the much-anticipated Tesla Model S Plaid or if it's indeed the long-awaited Tesla Model S refresh, but regardless, this is one slick-looking Model S.

Over on Instagram, klwtts shared the images below along with this statement:

With our daily drives past Tesla’s Fremont Factory and the Logistics Lot we told you the truth, we didn’t see any new Model S or Model X in there... what we didn’t tell you is that we saw several around there and now we have something worth sharing.


There have been tons of rumors about a refreshed Model S, yet nothing has been confirmed by Tesla. What we do know is that a Model S Plaid is for sure coming, but will it appear alongside a fully refreshed standard version of a Model S too? 

There are a lot of changes seen in the images. More than even we could spot. Luckily, those changes are pointed out in detail for us. Per The Kilowatts YouTube channel:

This is going to be a MAJOR update! The photos & video we captured in the last two weeks confirm at least 10 new updates that are likely coming to an updated 2021 Model S (either the expected Q1 2021 Refresh, a Tri-Motor Plaid Powertrain variant, or both) in the near future!

Here's what we learned:

1. New Front Fascia with a larger central air intake vent

2. A front diffuser (only seen as a prototype part in the latest sighting)

3. New fog lamp design

4. New wider wheels and wider fenders to support them

5. Slightly adjusted Side Repeater camera location on those fenders.

6. New Rear bumper design

7. Gloss Chrome Delete

8. No high protruding touchscreen like the Model 3 and Y (screen size & orientation still unknown)

9. New amber turn signal

10. Potentially larger brake disks and calipers

Still waiting on:

1. 4680 Cells & Structural Pack?

2. 2021 Model S Interior Design

3. Start of Production Dates

4. Expected Performance Spoiler on Tri-Motor Plaid Model S

5. Autopilot/FSD Updates such as interior facing camera & key card/phone key access

6. All final performance stats

7. 0 - 60 mp/h (0 - 100 km/h) time

8. Official Production Nurburgring Lap Time

9. Official Production Laguna Seca Lap Time

10. Model X Refresh? Model X Plaid?


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